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The LifeSaver app eliminates your Distracted Driving temptation caused by smartphones. LifeSaver runs in the background and automatically wakes up to quickly lock the phone when driving. LifeSaver enables parents to monitor the driver and provides…

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  • [Deal Alert] Verizon’s discontinued Wear24 smartwatch pops up on eBay for $129.99 ($220 off)

    Verizon tried its hand at selling an Android Wear smartwatch earlier this year, but the $350 Wear24 was a flop and Verizon quietly pulled it after just four months. Perhaps this smartwatch will be more appealing now at a steep discount. The Wear24 has…

  • Win one of three unlocked Moto X4s from Ting and Android Police [US]

    The Moto X4 is one of the company’s latest midrange phones and an immensely capable device. It isn’t a flagship, but it’s a bit above your standard mid-range expectations. Granted, the $400 cost to grab one makes that abundantly clear, and that price …

  • Google is working on Fuchsia OS support for Apple’s Swift programming language

    Google’s in-development operating system, named ‘Fuchsia,’ first appeared over a year ago. It’s quite different from Android and Chrome OS, as it runs on top of the real-time ‘Magenta’ kernel instead of Linux. According to recent code commits, Google …

  • Intel’s first commercial 5G modem, XMM 8060, is now under development

    Intel is also working on the XMM 7660 for Cat-19 Gigabit LTE speeds up to 1.6 Gbps.

    Qualcomm’s been making huge strides in developing the 5G future lately, but it isn’t the only company committed to this venture. Intel recently announced a couple new chips that it’s currently working on, and the XMM 8060 – it’s first commercial 5G modem – will be shipping out in just a couple of years.

    The XM 8060 is the first addition to Intel’s XMM 8000 series of modems, and it’ll be able to support standalone and non-standalone 5G NR, 4G, 3G/CDMA, and 2G networks. Commerical devices that are based on the XMM 8060 should begin shipping in mid-2019, but as the XMM 8000 series grows, Intel will be able to integrate this power into smartphones, computers, vehicles, etc.

    We won’t see a full deployment of 5G networks until some point in 2020, so while we’re waiting, Intel also announced that its XMM 7660 will be available for use in 2019. The XMM 7660 is a Cat-19 LTE modem, and it’s capab…

  • Anker Zolo Liberty completely wireless earbuds are available today for $99.99

    Anker is best known for making portable battery packs and other charging accessories, but it’s been increasingly dabbling in personal audio. The company ran a Kickstarter for some fancy earbuds a few months ago, but those ones aren’t for sale yet. You…

  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is coming to Android this Wednesday

    Nintendo of America‏ have announced in a tweet that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be officially available this Wednesday November 22nd. While we already knew it was slated for a November release, having a hard date is most definitely reassuring since we are getting pretty close to the end of the month.

    For the fans of the series the wait has most assuredly been painful, but alas we are getting very close.

    Read More

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is coming to Android this Wednesday was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Get a free Chromecast and Moto X4 when referring people to Project Fi

    The promotion is running through December 17.

    Despite its hardware restrictions and potentially expensive data charges, Project Fi is still one of the most unique service providers around. Google’s been continually adding new features and services since its debut in 2015, and a new promotion lets you grab a free Chromecast and Moto X4 for referring others to join.

    Google launched a referral system for Project Fi last December that allowed you to get credits on your bill when new customers signed up with your referral code, and between now and December 17, you can use that same system for grabbing some new tech.

    Making two successful referrals will allow you to get a free Chromecast, but making five more for a total of seven will grant you with a Moto X4. That’s the Android One version of the Moto X4 that comes with a stock build of Android and fast software updates, and considering that it normally costs $399, this is a fantastic promotion if you’re a Fi customer.

    In addition to …

  • Anker’s Black Friday deals start today, with sales on chargers, speakers, and more

    A one-stop shop for whatever you need.

    Anker is dropping prices on… well, everything. Today includes deals on chargers, cables, speakers, and a whole bunch of other things. Whatever gear you need, pretty sure you can get a nice chunk off the price today. All Anker products are covered by an 18-month warranty.

    Wireless Mouse


    PowerLine 10-feet Lightning Cable for $9.49 (from $12)
    PowerLine 3-feet USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable 3-pack for $10.99 (from $14)


    Karapax Rise heavy-duty iPhone X Case for $9.99 (from $16) – use code KRPXIW47
    Karapax Breeze military-grade iPhone X Case for $9.99 (from $12) – use code KRPXIW47


    Quick Charge 3.0 Dual USB Wall Charger for $17.99 (from $23.99) – use code BFBF2225
    PowerCore Fusion 5000 2-in-1 Portable Charger and Wall Charger for $20.49 (from $26)


    SoundBuds Slim+ Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for $22.99 (from $33)
    SoundBuds NB10 sweatproof Bluetooth earbuds for $2…

  • [Update: Money transfers & Duo calling are live] Android Messages v2.7 prepares to add new message indicators and RCS support for dual-SIM phones, drops 6 MB in size [APK Teardown]

    It’s time for a new version of Android Messages. The latest update takes a slightly larger than average jump from v2.5 to v2.7, but no obvious changes to the UI are really popping out. However, the apk did get much smaller with this release, and there are some things visible through the lens of a teardown.

    Read More

    [Update: Money transfers & Duo calling are live] Android Messages v2.7 prepares to add new message indicators and RCS support for dual-SIM phones, drops 6 MB in size [APK Teardown] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Cheap Fitness Trackers You’ve Never Heard Of

    Don’t spend your money on a high-end fitness tracker right off the bat, try out one of these cheap ones instead!

    When it comes to fitness trackers, big names like Fitbit, Garmin, and Jawbone have a real grip on the market. While Fitbit has been in the game a long time and makes a great product, the best Fitbit products cost a lot of money, same goes for big brands like Garmin and Jawbone.

    If you’re looking to try a fitness tracker for the first time, spending hundreds of dollars on a Fitbit or other big brand name may not be the wisest choice. Try before you buy isn’t always realistic; however, if you buy a cheap fitness tracker first, you can see if it will be worth to upgrading to a more expensive brand later. Here are our favorite cheap fitness trackers that you’ve probably never heard about.

    Wesoo K1 Fitness Watch
    LEMFO Fitness Tracker
    X-CHENG Fitness Tracker
    MyKronoz ZeFit4

    Wesoo K1 fitness watch

    For only $30, the Wesoo K1 offers lots of features that you’ll find o…

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