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MiKiZaZa is an interactive content player for the android platform.It plays on-line media and interacts with the user using the touch screen, the sensors etc’.It plays content which can be easily created using a free editor. Anyone can create –…


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  • Instagram is adding Face Filters to live broadcasts soon

    The war between Instagram and Snapchat rages on, and the newest weapon in Instagram’s arsenal is the introduction of Face Filters to Live. So the next time you need to jump into a live broadcast to your friends, you’ll be able to provide an appropriate sense of gravitas with a pair of rabbit ears. 

    The feature appears to work almost exactly as you’d expect. They’re Face Filters — an entertaining overlay that follow you as you move — but soon you can use them in live broadcasts.

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    Instagram is adding Face Filters to live broadcasts soon was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Apple wins two patent rulings against Qualcomm

    Apple and Qualcomm’s ongoing patent wars have netted two victories for Apple.

    Qualcomm’s processors — at the very least, its modems — are key for any LTE-connected device in today’s world. Beyond the high quality of the radios, Qualcomm is also the only company that licenses the CDMA technology that Sprint and Verizon use for their 2G and 3G networks. Earlier this year, Apple and Qualcomm began a legal battle over Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) patents that stated Qualcomm was charging unreasonable sums for patents essential to cellular technology. Qualcomm followed that up with a claim to the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) stating Apple infringed on six of Qualcomm’s patents.

    Apple Insider reports that Judge Curiel of the United States District Court for the Southern District of California (where the legal arguments for the FRAND case are being heard) has ruled Qualcomm cannot collect intellectual property (IP) royalty payments on Apple’s ma…

  • Tesla just updated its app to add support for the Model 3

    Tesla is still ramping up production for its affordable new Model 3, and the waiting list is already over a year long. But for the lucky few that manage to snag one, the Tesla Motors app for Android was just updated to add support for the new car. 

    For the uninitiated, the app allows owners to access controls and stats for their Tesla cars or Powerwalls. You can see charging status, set climate controls, remotely lock and unlock, and locate the car, among a laundry list of other features.

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    Tesla just updated its app to add support for the Model 3 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • [Update: Note Edge too] Verizon updates the 3-year old Galaxy Note 4 with the Blueborne security patch

    Credit where credit is due. Verizon and Samsung are doing a good job of keeping relatively older devices updated with security patches. After upgrading the Galaxy S5 (2014) to the August security patch, they’re now releasing an update to the Note 4 (also 2014) with the latest security patches that brings it to software version MMB29M.N910VVRS2CQE1.

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    [Update: Note Edge too] Verizon updates the 3-year old Galaxy Note 4 with the Blueborne security patch was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • How to use an LTE Apple Watch with an Android smartphone

    It’s hacky as all hell and your battery life will be terrible. But it works.

    While testing the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular last night, I floated a crazy idea past iMore editor-at-large Rene Ritchie: What happens if you set up the Apple Watch on an iPhone, then swap that iPhone’s SIM card over into an Android phone? Would the watch recognize that its paired iPhone SIM was no longer in an iPhone and stop working? Would it still work over a carrier’s LTE connection? And more importantly: If it worked, what could it do?

    Well, because we embrace insanity here at iMore, we tried it. And, barring a bit of hacky behavior, it works.

    I’m going to preface this write-up by saying that I personally think this is a terrible way to use the Apple Watch. Your battery life will most certainly be nonexistent, because the watch solely relies on a LTE connection. You won’t be able to get any fitness data on your Android smartphone. And you likely won’t be able to access certain features like c…

  • [Deal Alert] RAVPower 26800mAh Type-C battery with USB-PD up to 30W on sale for $55.99 ($24 off)

    USB Type-C is great, but not all Type-C batteries are created equal. There are a lot of different charging standards right now, so one battery might fast charge a phone with Qualcomm Quick Charge, but it won’t fast charge a Pixel or work to power a Ty…

  • Pokémon Playhouse is an all-new Pokémon game for young children, and it’s completely free to play

    Right out of left field The Pokémon Company has just announced that there is a brand new Pokémon title available today for Android. It’s called Pokémon Playhouse, and it appears to have been designed as an official Pokémon game for a younger generation of Pokémon fans.

    First and foremost Pokémon Playhouse is a game geared towards children. While I’m sure that anyone can enjoy the more simplistic gameplay of this release, it is undoubtedly designed for kids between the ages of 3-5.

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    Pokémon Playhouse is an all-new Pokémon game for young children, and it’s completely free to play was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • This could be the first glimpse of the BlackBerry ‘Krypton’

    Krypton is coming.

    By now, it’s no secret TCL has more BlackBerry smartphones in the works. The device known as ‘Krypton’ has passed through the Bluetooth SIG, Wi-Fi Alliance and FCC already and according to François Mahieu, head of global sales for TCL, the full-touch device is expected to arrive at some point in October. Still, despite all of that information, the ‘Krypton’ has eluded being caught on camera, mostly. A recently posted image offers up what could be the first glimpse of the next BlackBerry.

    As posted on BBM Channels, the image purports to show off the back side of the BlackBerry ‘Krypton’, though, given the source itself seemed uncertain if it really was the ‘Krypton’ there’s certainly a bit of room here for speculation and debate. Given it’s only a small look at the backside, there’s not a whole lot that can be derived from the photo, but have at it in the comments. Does even this small look pique your interest?

  • Asus announces ZenFone 4 lineup for Europe

    Asus made the ZenFone 4 family official in North America recently, and now it’s Europe’s turn to get a preview of things to come. Five different ZenFone 4 devices will be rolling out to Europe in the coming months: the ZenFone 4 Pro, ZenFone 4, ZenFon…

  • BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition coming to Canada beginning as soon as next week

    A new KEYone color is coming to Canada soon.

    If you live in Canada and have been holding on waiting for the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition to be available, your wait is almost over. Amazon.ca, Walmart.ca, Staples.ca and more will begin offering the Black Edition beginning as soon as next week.

    “This has been an exciting year as we’ve introduced our reimagined BlackBerry smartphone to fans and customers here in North America, with overall market demand exceeding our expectations for the year,” said, Steve Cistulli, President and General Manager for TCL Communication, North America. “With introduction of BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition, we’re able to directly respond to our fans in Canada who have asked for additional styling and performance options within the BlackBerry KEYone lineup.”

    “The demand and excitement for the BlackBerry KEYone across the globe has been fantastic,” said, Alex Thurber, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobility Solutions, BlackBerry. “We cong…

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