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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review, 3 months later: A polarizing powerhouse

    You can’t ignore the power of this company.

    Samsung retains a massive influence in the smartphone world, holding an outsized mind share even relative to its legitimately massive market share. The Galaxy Note 8 is a perfect example of this — it doesn’t sell nearly as well as the Galaxy S line, yet it’s held up as the pinnacle of what Samsung is capable of on account of its bigger size, extra features and super-high price.

    We published our Galaxy Note 8 review over three months ago, back on September 5. In that time we’ve continued to use other phones, watch the industry evolve and let the “new phone” honeymoon phase fully wear out on the Note 8. Now that we have more time under our belt with the phone, it’s time for a revisit and a fresh review. Here’s our new take on the Galaxy Note 8 after over three months of use.

    See at Amazon

    Just gorgeous

    Galaxy Note 8 What I still love

    My interest in the latest Samsung phones primarily centers around their hardware. All aspects of…

  • [Deal Alert] August Smart Lock on sale for $139.99 ($90 off)

    Making your home smarter might involve swapping in a connected thermostat that can save energy or adding a few cameras to keep an eye on things. But what about getting into the house? Smart locks are weirdly expensive, but the August smart lock is on …

  • Samsung’s Galaxy A8 might be one of 2018’s best budget phones

    Samsung might have something really special here.

    Samsung releases a lot of phones each year, and its two standouts are typically entries in the Galaxy S and Note lines. Next year, however, we could see something pretty special in the form of the Galaxy A8 (2018).

    The Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ (2018)

    The Galaxy A series of devices from Samsung isn’t anything new, and the main focus of it has always been on offering quality phones for not a ton of cash. The A8 and A8+ are expected to be the two most powerful Galaxy A devices released in 2018, and thanks to a recently leaked hands-on video, we’ve got a pretty clear picture of what to expect from them.

    Similar to the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the A8 and A8+ will have more similarities than differences. Both phones feature Samsung’s own Exynos 7885 processor, 4-6GB RAM, 32-64GB of expandable storage, and IP68 dust/water resistance. Both devices will also have the same 16MP f/1.7 rear-facing camera, as well as a 16MP and 8MP front-facing cam…

  • This $7 digital tire gauge is a must-have for every vehicle

    Knowing your tire pressure is important!

    Right now you can pick up this Tekton digital tire gauge for just $7 at Amazon, which is a savings of $4.99 from its regular price. This may seem like a silly thing, but having one in the glove compartment can be a big help in many cases. It turns on with the press of one button, and the digital display will quickly read out your tire pressure.

    Lighted nozzle and display screen for ultimate visibility in low light or at night
    Digital display instantly and clearly shows exact reading, eliminating the guesswork of analog gauges
    Nozzle seals to valve stem for quick and accurate measurements
    Simple push-button control turns unit on, selects the desired range, and automatically shuts off after 30 seconds to save the batteries
    Ergonomic design comfortably fits hand and features a soft, non-slip surface for sure grip
    These are great for stocking stuffers and to have in all the vehicles you own. Be sure to grab one (or five) of them now!

    See at Ama…

  • Best 4K streamers of 2017

    It’s easier than ever to watch 4K content. It’s also more confusing than ever. This will point you in the right direction.

    It’s all about 4K, right? Ask anyone about streaming video, and they’ll all try to push you toward the future, which is Ultra High-Definition, or UHD. We’re talking about resolution, or the number of pixels pushed to a display. More is better — it means crisper, sharper pictures.


    The problem is that there are a whole lot of variables at work. You need a display that can do a native 4K resolution. Sure, 1080p is good, but it’s not 4K. And it can’t do 4K. Then you’ll need a streaming solution that does 4K resolution. That’s pretty easy to come by. And then you have to deal with the fact that you can’t do a thing about the source feed itself — what’s being fed to your streaming provider.

    And things get a even more muddied when you consider things like HDR — both the display and the box need to support the same standards, whether …

  • The fewest points of failure [#acpodcast]

    In this episode, Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, Alex Dobie, and Russell Holly wax philosophical about the 5G, the Snapdragon 845 SoC, and why the Pixel’s AR stickers are the most fun you can have with a camera. They also talk about the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition phone and a few spoiler-free thoughts on ‘The Last Jedi’.

    The crew also delves into Synaptics’ new in-display fingerprint sensor and the Vivo phone it is launching on. Oreo is coming to the Galaxy S8 and renders have been leaked of the Galaxy S9. Finally, net neutrality has been killed by the FCC. What happens next?

    Show Notes and Links:

    Snapdragon 845: Top 5 reasons to get excited
    The Pixel’s AR stickers are the most fun you can have with a camera
    OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition review
    Synaptics announces world’s first in-display fingerprint sensor, launching with a ‘top 5’ smartphone OEM
    In-display fingerprint sensor launching first on a Vivo phone
    Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo update: Top …

  • Holiday apps for Google Daydream

    We’ve found awesome apps and experiences to feel the Holiday spirit!{.intro}

    The Holidays are just about here heralding cold snowy weather, and warm nights sipping eggnog with family and friends. Of course this also means it’s the perfect time for some awesome holiday experiences meant to be enjoyed with your Google Daydream

    Read more at VRHeads

  • Best Christmas Countdown apps

    Keep track of the days with these Christmas Countdown apps!

    Christmas is almost here bring colder weather (in some parts of the world), holiday parties with friends, and presents to purchase for your loved ones. With so much going on this month, it’s easy to become a Grinch, or lose track of the days. If you want to really get into the spirit, or you just like a regular reminder of how much time is left until Christmas day dawns, then check out these Christmas countdown apps!

    We’ve picked the best Christmas Countdown apps for Android, so come take a look!

    Christmas Countdown 2017

    When you open up this app, you’re faced with an adorable snowman in a snowy Christmas wonderland. Christmas Countdown 2017 gives you a few options to customize the way things look, a countdown that is accurate down to the second, and an advent calendar to keep you coming back for more.

    From within the settings, you can adjust the date of Christmas between the 24th, and 25th of December, turn the anima…

  • Amazon to have thousands of deals during its second annual Digital Day on December 29

    Mark it on your calendars!

    Amazon has announced that December 29 will be the company’s second annual Digital Day, a day that has thousands of deals on digital content across its site. From TV shows to mobile games, apps, and eBooks, there will be content here to interest just about everyone. Some deals will start as early as December 26 according to Amazon, with the best deals and biggest savings launching at 12:00 am ET on December 29.

    Some of the deals you can expect to see include:

    Save 60% off Wonder Woman on Amazon Video
    $10 Amazon.com credit when you subscribe to HBO NOW on Amazon
    Save 25% off $49.99 Lapis bundle for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
    Save 50% off all in-game items for Marvel Puzzle Quest
    Save up to 80% off in-game items for Playrix games
    Save up to 75% off ROBLOX New Year’s Eve themed wearables
    Save up to 33% off video games like Sonic Forces, Civilization VI, NBA 2K 18, and WWE 2K18
    Save up to 75% off on Kindle best-selling books, including titles such as The Girl…

  • The APC 1500VA battery backup and surge protector is down to $119 today only

    Time to think about protecting your electronics.

    The APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA compact UPS battery backup and surge protector is down to $118.99 on Amazon. This UPS normally sells for $170, and it has never gone lower than $145 before.

    This deal is part of Amazon’s Gold Box deals of the day, so the price is temporary. The deal covers every version of the Back-UPS Pro. The 1350VA version is down to $104.99 from $150. The 1000VA version is down to $89.99 from $130. And the 850VA version is $84.99 instead of $125.

    Features for the 1500VA version include:

    10 total outlets: 5 outlets provide ups power backup and surge protection; 5 outlets offer surge protection only
    Automatic voltage Regulation (AVR) maintains safe voltage conditions without using backup battery power
    Compatible with powerful PC and gaming PCs that have active PFC power supply
    1Gb network dataline surge protection prevents dangerous surges traveling along datalines from damaging your equipment
    Each version is an uninte…

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