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Test your skills in this match 3 addictive free puzzle game, where the goal is to identify and flip the correct symbol in all rows. 120 crazy levels of fun. Enjoy! Do you have what it takes to become a secret agent, a spy, a code breaker,…

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  • CubiColor

    Rating: 3.79/5 (14 votes)

      CubiColor is an addictive 3D-puzzle game for Android. The aim is to create a perfect cube, in which all planes contain nine boxes with a unique color. It's a new 3D version of the good old Sudoku puzzle, that not only challenges your logical…


    Rating: 3.78/5 (9 votes)

    Hitch is a calm and addictive puzzle game where you need to connect all the pointers with blocks of the same color by sliding them around. The game is filled with bonuses and special blocks that changes the dynamic of the game along the way. Keep…

  • Puzzled

    Rating: 3.75/5 (4 votes)

      Puzzled is an old school puzzle game where you can use your own facebook pictures to solve infinite puzzles. Its other main feature are 1vs1 challenges, either against your friends or against our team by joining in on the Weeklys that we…

  • Block Puzzle

    Rating: 3.50/5 (2 votes)

    Block Puzzle is the addictive puzzle game to touch and darg blocks in the center gray rectangle.Because all blocks have different shapes, you must use your brain.Block Puzzle consists of 3 groups (Beginner,Intermediate,Expert) according to difficulty.each…

  • Dots and Boxes!

    Rating: 3.40/5 (10 votes)

    Dots and Boxes! v1.0 Requirements: 2.1+ Overview: Classic pen and paper logical game!  Play against a friend or the challenging CPU opponent with three difficulty levels. …

  • Fifteen Plus One

    Rating: 3.33/5 (3 votes)

      <b>Not the classic 15 slide puzzle</b> - this time you must put in order also the 16th number! You can move rows or columns in any direction, keeping in mind that any number pushed out from the grid will re-enter from the other…

  • Memory Pro

    Rating: 3.31/5 (474 votes)

    Give it a try! Research has shown that training working memory may have positive effects on fluid intelligence and brainpower. Memory Pro is a fun and exciting memory improvement game.  * Improve your short-term and sensory memory…

  • Tile Cross Puzzle

    Rating: 3.25/5 (4 votes)

    Are you a puzzle game addicted? There is a new challenge for you! Tile Cross Puzzle is an addictive puzzle game that'll drive you crazy! Complete the levels using the minimum amount of moves in order to get the maximum reward. Your goal is to obtain…

  • Crossbomb

    Rating: 3.20/5 (81 votes)

    Find the bombs hidden on the game board as fast as possible. Inspired by the classic Minesweeper. Tiles reveal the proximity of the closest bomb. Use these clues to find all of the bombs.Play 40 levels on 3 different difficulties and 2 gameplay modes.Can…

  • Shape Fitter Free

    Rating: 3.18/5 (11 votes)

    Have you waited for an opportunity to fit pieces to a board shaped like a bird, rabbit, carrot, pi, cyclone, etc.? - Wait no more!Shape Fitter is simple, yet addictive, puzzle-game. Your task is to fit all the shapes to the board. The shapes can also…

  • #12 Meon


    Rating: 3.17/5 (6 votes)

    "Meon, the Light Quest" is an awesomely addictive puzzle game : use lasers, mirrors, prims, color filters and other tools to free cute elementary particles, the Meons.In this first Android version, Meon features the classic mode with more…

  • COL Reminder

    Rating: 3.16/5 (86 votes)

    The COL Reminder is a remind-application for your Android phone.   It helps you in reminding different things which you don't want to forget. But pls. do not mix it up with a to-do list.

  • ESP Challenge

    Rating: 3.11/5 (37 votes)

    Do you have the gift? Take the ESP Challenge and find out. Try it at night or in the morning. Try it when your relaxed or when your stressed out. Keep experimenting to see if you can find and maximize your psychic powers. It’s easy to do but not…

  • Brainwaves-T.U.S®

    Rating: 3.08/5 (12 votes)

    The Unexplainable Store® is one of the largest paranormal online stores founded in Yr 2000. It focuses in brain frequencies research and publishes well-recognized products that range from spiritual & health aspects to brain function & therapeutic…

  • Impossible Level Game

    Rating: 3.08/5 (52 votes)

    The most annoyingly mind-boggling game for Android Challenge your brain in 30 increasingly difficult levels, where each level is a riddle in itself. If you get stuck, relax, think and try again! Test yourself also in the time-attack mode. Smart?…


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  • What is YouTube Premium? Everything you need to know!

    The service costs $11.99/month and gives you access to a ton of stuff.

    Back in 2015, YouTube Red launched as a way for people to get an even better YouTube experience than what was offered in the free version. For $9.99/month, YouTube Red gave you access to ad-free videos, all-new original shows, and much more.

    YouTube Red is now being replaced by YouTube Premium, and for folks that are hardcore or just moderate YouTube users, it’s definitely worth checking out.

    What’s included?

    As mentioned above, YouTube Premium comes with a load of goodies that make its monthly fee well worth the asking price.

    All of the old features from YouTube Red are here, including:

    Ad-free videos
    Play videos in the background
    Download videos for offline use
    Access to all YouTube Originals content
    In addition to these perks, a YouTube Premium subscription also gives you full access to YouTube Music. With a YouTube Premium plan, you can use YouTube Music to listen to music without ads, let your tunes pla…

  • Amazon’s creating a facial recognition system the government can use

    Law enforcement will be a “common use case” for the tech.

    Privacy is a luxury that seems to be slipping away from our world with every day that passes, and Amazon’s currently working on a system to ensure it disappears ASAP.

    According to marketing materials that the ACLU obtained, Amazon’s building a new technology called “Rekognition” that’s designed for facial tracking. Per the ACLU —

    Powered by artificial intelligence, Rekognition can identify, track, and analyze people in real time and recognize up to 100 people in a single image. It can quickly scan information it collects against databases featuring tens of millions of faces, according to Amazon.

    The most common use for Rekognition seems to be targeted at law enforcement. Rekognition will be able to ID “people of interest” and is described by Amazon as a “person tracking” technology. Furthermore, as the ACLU notes —

    Amazon not only markets Rekognition as a law enforcement service, it is helping governmen…

  • Keep your internet activity private and secure for life for only $85

    There has never been a better time to get onto a VPN. With all of the data breaches, sales of personal information, and more lately, it’s a great idea to consider protecting your online habits. This keeps targeted ads away, ads a level of security in terms of your personal data, and ultimately gives you peace of mind when online, whether you’re browsing, streaming, gaming, or whatever.

    The CyberGhost VPN lets you remain anonymous online and protects you every step of the way, and right now at Android Central Digital Offers, you can get a lifetime subscription for only $84.99. If you enter code cyberghost15 at checkout, you’ll get an additional 15% off! You’ll save over $650. That’s VPN access to over 1300 servers worldwide, for up to five devices, with 256-AES bit encryption, for life.

    The best part of subscribing to CyberGhost VPN is that it opens up geo-locked content to you from all over the world, no matter where you’re browsing from. Check out British Netflix, Malaysian news s…

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 for PlayStation 4: Everything you need to know!

    Here’s everything you need to know to prepare for Rockstar’s latest adventure in the wild, wild west.

    Yes, it’s finally happening my fellow outlaws. Red Dead Redemption II is real and it’s coming to PlayStation 4 this year. After Rockstar Games’ massively successful open-world cowboy game set during the death of the Wild West, fans began clamoring for a follow-up that continued the story of the Marston family or embraced a new gunslinger.

    After years of rumors and silence on Rockstar’s end, they finally surprised the world on one random morning in 2016 by announcing a sequel to their critically acclaimed western. It took over a year to get any actual concrete details regarding the game and frankly, it’s still a bit of a mystery but it sounds like it could be a mix of a story of a new outlaw and also fill in a massive gap in John Marston’s story.

    The story so far…

    Rockstar Games appears to be returning to the traditional one playable character route after successfully experime…

  • OnePlus 6 scores a 5 out of 10 for repairability in iFixit’s teardown

    Generally speaking, when there’s a high-profile new handset, the folks at iFixit will take it apart to show us its guts. The OnePlus 6 is one such device. OnePlus’s new notched beauty came out on the other side of the procedure with a pretty down-the-middle score of 5 out of 10.

    Interesting insights before the phone is even opened: x-ray imagery provided to iFixit by Creative Electron shows pretty standard-looking internals for a 2018 smartphone — except the strangely large moving parts inside the alert slider.

    Read More

    OnePlus 6 scores a 5 out of 10 for repairability in iFixit’s teardown was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • How To Add A Keyboard and Mouse to Playstation 4

    This probably isn’t going to work out the way you think, but you can have some fun.

    PlayStation 4 gamers already have access to one of the best controllers in the world with DualShock 4 included in the box, but it’s not great for everything.

    While Sony has put a ton of work into making the controller better for typing on the PS4, it’s still not ideal. The fix, if you’re really interested in typing on your PS4, is to use a mouse and keyboard. This isn’t going to make your gaming any better— in fact, most console games won’t recognize the mouse and keyboard as valid inputs for gaming — but if you chat with friends a lot or you want to use the included browser you’ll find some use with this combo.

    Here’s how you get your mouse and keyboard up and running on a PlayStation 4.

    Just plug it in?

    The front of your PlayStation 4 includes a pair of USB ports for all sorts of things, from charging your controllers to hooking up a Bluetooth headset. If you have a mouse and keyb…

  • What’s new on Netflix for June 2018

    Simone Missick and Mike Colter in Luke Cage on Netflix. (Image credit: Netflix)

    And what’s leaving, too.

    Strap in, boys and girls. June’s going to be a while ride on Netflix. Sense8 gets a final couple of hours, thanks in no small part to fan reaction after the sci-fi who was initially canceled. The finale airs June 8.

    Plus, Luke Cage is back on June 22 for Season 2.

    And the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling — GLOW — is back on June 29.

    Basically, you have no reason to leave the house this summer.

    Sign up for Netflix!

    Coming soon to Netflix (TBD)

    iZombie: Season 4
    Life Sentence: Season 1
    Supergirl: Season 3
    Coming to Netflix on June 1

    Assassination Games
    Blue Jasmine
    Busted! (Season Finale)– NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Disney’s 101 Dalmatians
    George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker
    He Named Me Malala
    Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth
    Just Friends
    National Treasure
    Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
    November 13: Attack on Paris– NETFLIX ORIGINAL
    Outside In

  • 23 temporarily free and 33 on-sale apps and games for Wednesday

    The last full week of May is already half over, if you can believe that. 2018 keeps on trucking, I guess, but you’re all here for app sales. While less impressive than Monday’s, there are plenty of options to be had. Peruse at your leisure and I’ll see you all on Friday.



    1. Ethermine Worker Monitor $9.99 -> Free; 8 hours
    2. D-Vasive Anti-Spy $1.99 -> Free; 1 day
    3. How Many Pizzas $1.99 -> Free; 3 days
    4. Tɪɴʏ Tᴇxᴛ Keyboard $0.99 -> Free; 5 days
    5. VAPORWAVE Keyboard Ω $0.99 -> Free; 5 days
    6. Elite Music Pro $0.99 -> Free; 6 days
    7. Oneamp Pro – Music Player $0.99 -> Free; 6 days
    8. Ray Mortgage Calculator $0.99 -> Free; 6 days
    9. Text Viewer $0.99 -> Free; 6 days


    1. SnakeScout $1.99 -> Free; 8 hours
    2. Aliensome: Outta Space Race $0.99 -> Free; 2 days
    3. Cubes $0.99 -> Free; 3 days
    4. Addition and subtraction up to 10 in German $2.49 -> Free; 5 days
    5. Sudoku Master PRO (No Ads) $1.49 -> Free; 5 days
    6. Traffic Director $0.99 -> Free; 5 days
    7. Kids ABC Tracing and Alphabet Writing $0.99 -> Free; 6 days
    8. Multiplying Fractions $2.49 -> Free; 7 days
    9. The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Play & Explore $3.99 -> Free; 7 days

    Icon packs & customization

    1. Titanic 3D Pro live wallpaper $0.99 -> Free; 8 hours
    2. Tibet 3D Pro $0.99 -> Free; 1 day
    3. VAPORWAVE Live Wallpaper $0.99 -> Free; 5 days
    4. Circlet Icon Pack $0.99 -> Free; 6 days



    1. Call Recorder License – ACR $3.99 -> $1.19; 2 days
    2. Super Shortcuts ᴾᴿᴼ $1.99 -> $0.99; 2 days
    3. Urban Bike Computer license $3.49 -> $1.99; 2 days
    4. BioRhythmsMeter $1.49 -> $0.99; 3 days
    5. Pro Card Counting Academy $9.99 -> $0.99; 4 days
    6. 2P NES Emulator Pro $2.99 -> $1.99; 5 days
    7. Actor Contacts UK $2.91 -> $1.49; 5 days
    8. MasterGear – SMS/GG Emulator $4.99 -> $2.99; 5 days
    9. Change DNS Pro (No Root 3G/Wifi) $1.99 -> $1.39; 6 days
    10. Channel Manager Pro Youtube $4.99 -> $1.99; 6 days
    11. Day by Day Organizer PRO $4.49 -> $2.49; 6 days
    12. IDM+: Fastest Music, Video, Torrent Downloader $1.99 -> $0.99; 6 days
    13. onTouch English Dictionary – Premium $1.49 -> $0.99; 6 days
    14. Detectify Hidden Device & Camera Detector Ad Free $2.99 -> $0.99; 7 days
    15. Rotation Control Pro $2.49 -> $0.99; 7 days


    1. SUBURBIA City Building Game $6.99 -> $1.99; 1 day
    2. Subtraction Math Trainer $2.49 -> $0.99; 5 days
    3. 60 Seconds!

    Read More

    23 temporarily free and 33 on-sale apps and games for Wednesday was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Opinion: Google AMP is still confusing, and it’s not getting any better

    The mobile web can be frustrating. Smartphones and tablets are becoming faster every year, but modern sites usually outpace them by becoming more complicated. While there are efforts to improve site load times, smartphones have to deal with other obst…

  • WeMo’s WiFi-enabled smart light switch is down to just $30

    Control it by touch or your voice.

    The WeMo Wi-Fi light switch is $29.99 on Amazon. It’s only ever sold for less than this one time in the past, and that was during Black Friday where it was $1 cheaper. This is the lowest it’s been since that sale.

    You can control this switch from the wall, the WeMo app, and your Alexa or Google Assistant device. You don’t need anything special other than Wi-Fi. With this switch, you can schedule your lights to do what you want. Adjust them with the sunset or sunrise. Turn off your lights with your phone when you’re at work and realize you forgot to — or from bed when you’re like me and being extra lazy. Set your lights to turn on slowly and help you wake up. The dimmer switch has 3.9 stars based on more than 10,500 reviews.

    See at Amazon

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