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MyBody - BMI, BMR & Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

This app can perform the following functions:-1. calculate BMI (Body Mass Index)2. calculate BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)3. calculate Calories requirement4. calculate Pregnancy Due Date This app can calculate if you have the optimum height…

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  • How to remove your Google voice search history and opt out of future collection

    Google’s speech recognition technology is insanely good – perhaps the best in the industry. But did you know Google stores all your voice searches? Every time you say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google,” a snippet of audio containing the command is sent to th…

  • Best Cases for Moto G6

    These are the first batch of quality cases released for the Moto G6!

    Motorola latest entries in the Moto G lineup have been announced with the flagship Moto G6 arriving in the US in late May.

    But it’s never too early to start thinking about accessories, with some brands quick to get their cases out there well ahead of the phone’s actual release. Even if you’re not planning to buy a case so far ahead of the phone’s release, it’s good to window shop a bit and see how the phone will look in different styles of cases.

    We’ll be continuing to update this article with more options as they become available.

    MoKo Slim Fit Case
    MAIKEZI Slim Folio Wallet Case
    Cimo Slim Grip Clear Case
    Cimo Armor Case
    Spigen Rugged Armor Case
    Poetic Karbon Shield Case
    Moko Slim Fit Case

    We’ll start with a slim, one-piece case from Moko. This is a sleek and affordable case made from flexible TPU that features a simple design that protects the Moto G6 and offers a nice soft touch finish without adding unnec…

  • Keepsafe VPN is an easy way to maintain your privacy from your Android device [Sponsored Post]

    Using a VPN service is among the best ways for maintaining privacy online with the added benefit of dodging geo-restrictions that many websites and ISPs impose. Unfortunately, your VPN options for phones and tablets tend to be anything but user-friend…

  • Amazon will now leave your packages safely in your car

    Free for Prime members with modern cars.

    Amazon just announced a new service for Prime members that lets Amazon Key delivery drivers drop your packages off inside the trunk of your car.

    When Amazon Key first released, the idea was to appeal to customers who regularly ordered from Amazon and found their packages getting stolen off their front lawns. It was for people who lived in urban neighborhoods with no place to hide or conceal the package until they came home. With Amazon Key, the delivery driver could slip the package into your apartment where it would be safe. Giving a complete stranger access to their homes didn’t really seem to appeal to a lot of people, though, no matter how many precautions Amazon took. Since then, the service has evolved to be so much more than that, but the basic premise remains.

    In-car delivery is a free service and requires no additional purchase, like the Amazon Key Home Kit. As long as you meet the necessary prerequisites you are eligible to begin a…

  • Amazon now delivers packages to your car trunk

    Fed up with your Amazon packages being taken off your doorstep? Now you can get them delivered to your trunk. Amazon has launched “In-Car delivery” for millions of Prime members with certain vehicles who take advantage of Amazon Key.

    Amazon Key has been giving Prime members the option to have their packages left inside their home since last October, but many don’t feel comfortable allowing delivery drivers through their front door when no one’s home.

    Read More

    Amazon now delivers packages to your car trunk was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • The Best PlayStation Exclusives

    Best Horror
    Best Adventure
    Best Action RPG
    Best Story
    Best Action

    Best Horror

    Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

    See at Amazon

    There is a reason that Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice received so many nominations at the 2017 Game Awards. Ninja Theory put out a game that is nothing short of stunning. With stellar voice acting a motion captured performances it takes elements of Norse mythology and weaves a fantastic narrative exploring the nature of psychosis.

    The game blends hack and slash combat elements, horror, and puzzles in a way that provides excellent gameplay all on its own. When you add the surprisingly moving performances from first-time actor Melina Juergens, the powerful score, and tight writing you end up with a game that edges dangerously close to the realm of art.

    Bottom line. Do yourself a favor and give this game a spin. I think it does a fantastic job of pushing the envelope of what a video game can be. It is to gaming what art films are to blockbuster cinema.

    One mor…

  • Roku OS 8.1 adds free live news and private listening for multiple people

    The Streaming Stick+ is also coming to Canada in May.

    Roku, one of the biggest players in the home streaming market, is getting a significant upgrade this May with its Roku OS 8.1 update. The new software was announced on April 24, and while everything looks the same, there are two big things you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

    First up, live news streams are being added to the Roku Channel. The Roku Channel launched in September 2017 as a way for users to quickly find free, curated content, and Roku OS 8.1 will add 24/7 access to Cheddar News, People TV, and act as the exclusive platform for ABC News Live. In addition to live streams, you’ll also be able to view on-demand/linear news content.

    Along with news, Roku Channel is also getting Continue Watching and Collections pages to help you more easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

    Also included with Roku OS 8.1 is an upgrade for private listening. Roku’s allowed folks to pump audio from their Roku player to a pair of head…

  • Netflix: Everything you need to know

    Educate yourself on the world’s biggest video streaming service 📺

    When it comes to video streaming companies, few are as iconic as Netflix. What started out as a DVD rental service quickly turned into the world’s largest platform for binging old movies, classic TV shows, and a heap of original programming.

    No matter if you’re looking to cut your cable cord or simply want some extra content to supplement it, Netflix can be a great addition to any household’s entertainment needs.

    To ensure it has exactly what you’re looking for in a video service, here’s everything you need to know!

    April 19, 2018: Mobile Previews are Netflix’s take on Snapchat Stories

    Ever since Snapchat popularized the Stories format, we’ve seen it expand to Instagram, Facebook, and even Google search. On April 19, Netflix announced it was launching its own take on stories with its Mobile Previews feature.

    Launching first on iOS and coming soon to Android, Mobile Previews will show up as circles at th…

  • Your apps’ default settings don’t put your privacy first, so make sure to check them

    Default settings never have your bests interests in mind, so check them out!

    When you get something new, the first thing you’ll want to do is start using and enjoying it and seeing the things it can do. That’s why we want those new things in the first place, whether we’re talking about a physical thing like a phone or a toaster oven, or a digital thing like an app or a new album. But if your new thing uses the internet, you should take a look at what else it might be doing before you dive in.

    The recent (and ongoing) Facebook shenanigans really highlight what I’m talking about here, so I’m going to use it as an example. But know that applies to more than just Facebook, it’s just the low-hanging fruit that makes it so easy to talk about. Facebook did a lot of ugly things but it only did the things you said it could do. I’m not here to say it’s our fault — you’ll never hear me come at you with that lame excuse because this was all Facebook relying on us not knowing what it was …

  • Do you want a notch on your next smartphone?

    Welcome to the future.

    Ever since the Essential Phone was announced last May, there’s been a heated debate over the notch. Later introduced on phones like the iPhone X, Huawei P20 Pro, and upcoming LG G7, the notch has become a heated point of debate for smartphone users everywhere.

    The notch does technically allow for more screen area at the top of a phone compared to having a full strip of bezel, but at the same time, can be an unsightly eyesore when watching videos or playing full-screen games.

    Witch the notch becoming more and more popular, we decided to see what our forum users had to say on the matter. Here are just a few of the responses.

    04-23-2018 10:08 AM

    Hell no. I think the notch is a horrible idea that needs to be stamped out now. What’s so wrong with having the screen 4 or 5 millimetres shorter?

    04-23-2018 10:12 AM

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