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Butterfly FX Live Wallpaper

  Have you ever saw a butterfly FX coming out of a cocoon?  Get ready to experience it in this animated live wallpaper. Support all screen sizes. Have you ever saw a butterfly FX coming out of a cocoon?  Get…

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  • Google Inbox now has an ‘All inboxes’ view

    Google’s Inbox app is a pretty great email client, but it has always lacked something that many mobile and desktop email applications have – a merged inbox view. You always had to check each account separately, which can take at least two taps to switch between. Thankfully, Google has finally added an ‘All inboxes’ view to the app.


    Tapping the new option in the sidebar does exactly what you would expect – it shows all your messages from all your accounts.

    Read More

    Google Inbox now has an ‘All inboxes’ view was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Nebula Mars projector review: Great hardware with mediocre software

    There is no shortage of portable projectors on the market, but most of them aren’t very good. ‘Nebula’ is a sub-brand from Anker, with just one product so far – the Nebula Mars. It’s a smart portable projector that runs Android, with built-in JBL spea…

  • [Deal Alert] T-Mobile is offering a free LG G6 or V20 via rebate after you purchase one on EIP

    T-Mobile is no stranger to “buy one, get one” promotions. In fact, the Bellevue-based company has even run one that included the LG G6 and V20 before. This latest one, then, will probably be pretty familiar to those of you who’ve seen a T-Mobile BOGO …

  • How your phone can help you walk more (and not hate it)

    Take the stairs. Walk, don’t drive. Every little step adds up when you’re trying to get fit!

    In the first Tech for your Health column, we discussed using apps and technology to help establish better nutrition habits. With all that extra energy that comes along with eating right, it’s time to step up your physical activity.

    They say you need to learn to walk before you can run. While that idiom relates to mastering basic skills before tackling more complex projects, it’s also fine advice to take literally when you’re easing into a healthier routine. It’s incredibly easy to procrastinate and binge on technology indoors, when fitting in just an extra 30 minutes of walking into your daily routine can make a big difference in your health, physical and mental.

    We’ve got some tips if you’re considering tech to help break you free from your couch-potato habits.

    A fitness tracker isn’t going to fix your bad habits

    Fitness trackers have been the trendy workout accessory for years now, w…

  • What devices can play Amazon Music?

    You can listen to Amazon Music on nearly any device that’s out there. String up two tin cans on a flag pole, and that might work, too. (Or not.) Here’s a more definitive list, though.

    Amazon Music is as ubiquitous as just about any other music service out there. Tens of millions of songs. Available on nearly any device you can think of. In your car. On your phone. On a TV. On your computer.

    Here’s the breakdown of all the devices you can use with Amazon Music, and where to find their respective applications:

    iPhone and iPad: Hit up this link in iTunes.
    Android: You’ll find it on Google Play, and on the Amazon Appstore.
    Mac and PC desktop app: Download it here. Works with Mac OS 10.9 and up, and Windows 7 and up.
    Amazon Echo: If you’ve got an Amazon Echo and are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’re good to go. Just tell Alexa to play some music!
    On the web: Get to your nearest internet browser and head here.
    In your car: If you’ve got Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay, you’re covered. …

  • Samsung presumably gives up on keeping Note8 a secret, lists the phone on its online store

    Samsung is probably pretty frustrated at this point, with all the recent leaks of the upcoming Galaxy Note8. Pretty much every single detail about the phone has already been revealed. It seems like Samsung has completely given up on keeping the phone …

  • Google I/O 2017 app’s source code released on GitHub to demonstrate the newest, best practices for Android devs

    Every year for the past few years, Google releases an app for I/O attendees. Then, a few months afterwards, the company uploads the app’s source code to GitHub. This year’s I/O app was aptly named “Google I/O 2017,” and now, if you’re an Android devel…

  • Google rolling out auto-playing video previews in Search

    No one likes auto-playing video, but auto-playing previews can be helpful in certain cases. Google recently rolled out video previews on the YouTube desktop site, allowing people to hover over a video to see a glimpse of the contents. Now the company …

  • U.S. unlocked Galaxy Note 8 shows up on Samsung’s online store

    The U.S. unlocked Galaxy Note 8 makes an appearance on Samsung’s store page.

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be announced next week in New York, and the leaks just keep coming as we run up to the event. This time, Samsung has prematurely listed the U.S. unlocked version (model UZKAXAA, consistent with the U.S. unlocked Galaxy S8s) of the device on its online store. The product link itself doesn’t go anywhere, but we still learn a few things about it.

    Before getting too excited: the listing doesn’t yet show a price. But it does corroborate the brochure that leaked earlier which stated the device would ship with 64GB of internal storage in the base model. Most importantly, it suggests the U.S. unlocked model might ship at the same time as the carrier versions.

    For context, the U.S. Galaxy S8 shipped about a month after the carrier versions, while the U.S. unlocked GS7 shipped three months after launch. Getting a U.S. unlocked version of the Note 8 on the same day as the carrier versi…

  • Action Launcher 27 brings more color and transparency options to your Android home screen

    Action Launcher keeps adding more features so users can fine tune their home screen.

    Action Launcher has been a fan favorite launcher for years now, partly due to developer Chris Lacy consistently adding new features. Action Launcher 27 is out now, and here are some highlights of the new features:

    The App Shortcuts and Notification Dots can now be colored to match either the wallpaper or the icon itself.
    Action Launcher’s custom search bar widget can now be placed anywhere on the home screen, not just at the very top.
    Users can now adjust the transparency of folders and the All Apps drawer via Action Launcher’s Quicktheme settings.
    A new weather widget for Android 6.0 and later.

    The full changelog is:

    NEW: Weather widget (Alpha). Requires Android 6.0 or later.
    NEW: Adjust the color of the App Shortcuts panels via Quicktheme.
    NEW: App Shortcuts, Shutters and Covers can be tinted with the highlight color of the controlling icon via Quicktheme. Allows for Twitter’s App S…

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