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Doctors prescription

A very useful app for doctors. We recommend the use of Stylus for ease of use though it works well using touch. A doctor's prescription is an advice/order coming from a health care professional prescribing a certain kind of medical…

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  • Netatmo Weather Station is long on looks, longer on data

    It was time to update my home weather station from something functional but ugly to something decidedly more modern. Netatmo has fit the bill nicely.

    I was going to show you my old weather station — a venerable beast from Oregon Scientific, which is quite good at this sort of thing. But alas, as soon as I took it off the wall it disappeared to wherever Phil’s Old Stuff disappears. (Basically an older, less sexy version of this.)

    So. Time for something new. Something connected, and something definitely more modern.

    A quick search of ye olde internet consistently returned offerings from Netatmo. They haven’t changed a lot over the years, which actually is a good thing in this case. So that’s the direction my credit card was pointed.

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    The basics: the standard Netatmo Weather Station comes a relatively small indoor sensor, and an outdoor sensor. They look, well, like silver cans. The indoor one measures temperature and humidity and soun…

  • Ikea Trådfri smart lights will get support for Assistant and Alexa later this year

    What’s the point of having smart home devices if you can’t control them with your preferred voice interface? Ikea’s Trådfri  lights are a little cheaper than Phillips Hue, but they don’t work with Assistant right now. That’s going to change soon, though. Now if only you could pronounce it.

    The press release on the news is only available in Swedish at the moment, and Google Translate does rather mangle that language. From what we can gather, the update for the Trådfri Gateway will roll out during the summer or fall.

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    Ikea Trådfri smart lights will get support for Assistant and Alexa later this year was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • HTC U11 hands-on: MrMobile’s new squeeze

    By now you’ve seen the HTC U11 hands-on treatment: the smudge-prone but beautiful backplate; the conventional face; the interface that reacts to a squeeze as well as a swipe. But thanks to some canceled flights and some overzealous NYC security guards (long story) I got to spend a little longer with the HTC U11 than I might have, and as a result I was able to produce a slightly more in-depth hands-on than would otherwise be possible. That’s thanks to Android Central, whose HTC U11 review unit I took for a spin around Mountain View during Google I/O, so be sure to give Android Central’s HTC U11 Preview a look once you’re through watching MrMobile’s hands-on … and stay tuned for much more coverage on the smartphone you can squeeze in the weeks ahead!

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  • How (and when) to clear app cache or data on Android

    Apps sometimes can misbehave. If it happens to you, here’s something to try.

    Update May 2017: This post has been updated to be in line with newer versions of Android.

    Every Android smartphone has an application manager that you can get to through the settings menu. It’s usually in the top level somewhere, though it can vary a little by phone. But once you get to it, you’re at the heart of the matter. This is where you can see every application that’s installed on your phone or tablet. And it’s a handy place to clean things up a bit should they go wonky. Here’s what’s up:

    Clearing the app cache

    As you use applications, they start storing files for reference later. These files are stored in an app “cache.” For instance: When you’re using the Android Central app, it’ll save images and other pieces of the stories you’ve read so that they don’t have to be downloaded each and every single time the app needs them. This saves you time and data.

    But maybe you want to clear an app’s cac…

  • How to prepare your Galaxy S8 for Google Daydream

    The countdown to Daydream with a Galaxy S8 has begun, are you ready?

    Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will soon be the only phone capable of using both forms of high quality mobile VR, so if you’ve been eager to see if the grass really is greener on the other side you’ll soon be able to see for yourself.

    Just like the Gear VR, you need to do a few things to make sure your phone is good to go for Daydream. Here’s what you need to know!

    Read more at VRHeads.com

  • Fixing Play Music: How Google can improve its streaming music service

    How can Google Play Music improve? Let us count the ways…

    I’m not exaggerating when I say this: Google Play Music is the first app I use every morning and it is the last thing I see before I put my phone to sleep at night. And no, that’s not just because Google Play Music is my alarm clock. Music is what keeps me sane during chaotic work days, and it’s what cheers me up when life inevitably happens. Google Play Music always has been my most-used app, and it’s changed a lot in since it launched in 2011.

    Not all of those changes have been good, and there are more that still need to happen. Here are the biggest things still missing in one of Google Play’s most important services.

    UI Overhaul

    Four years ago, Google Play Music went from Holo blue/black to a more retina-searing orange/white. Ever since, Play Music has been adding and adding features without any major UI changes, which has lead to the app becoming a bloated mess.

    The home page was the portion of the app to most…

  • How to prepare your HTC Vive for Star Trek: Bridge Crew

    Is my Vive ready for Star Trek: Bridge Crew?

    Star Trek: Bridge Crew, the hotly anticipated game that many VR and Trek fans have been waiting for forever is finally dropping May 30, 2017. The ability to sit on the bridge of the USS Aegis and work as a team with your friends on Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR is bound to be popular, but how can you get your Vive ready for what promises to be an authentic Trek experience? Here are a few tips to ensure your bridge station is as good as possible.

    Read more at VR Heads!

  • Best Android Camera

    Update, May 2017: The Google Pixel is still our top camera, followed closely by the Galaxy S8. The LG G6’s dual cameras join the group, taking over from the V20, and the new HTC U11 hops on as a great camera in its own right.

    Best Overall
    Best runner-up
    Best for tweaking
    Best balanced

    Best overall

    Google Pixel

    See at Verizon
    See at Google

    Google’s Pixel phone comes out on top when you look at photo quality and simplicity of shooting. Interestingly, it does this with what would normally be considered middle-of-the-road camera specs. You get a 12MP sensor and f/2.0 lens without the support OIS (optical image stabilization), but that isn’t an issue for the Pixel.

    It also has a simple camera interface that doesn’t have a ton of features, but makes up for it in terms of overall quality. Just point and shoot, and you’re going to get a great photo every single time. Daylight shots are crisp and bright with just the right amount of extra saturation, and low-light shots are surprisin…

  • New US Supreme Court ruling will make life much harder for patent trolls

    Top technology companies are no strangers to patent litigation. Wherever there is money to be made there will always be opportunists and plenty of individuals and companies have been known to obtain patents in order to profit from licensing or litigation. Yesterday, the US Supreme Court ruled on a key change that should make it much harder for patent trolls to be successful.

    The decision itself relates to a legal tussle between ketchup maker Kraft Heinz Co and a smaller firm named TC Heartland LLC.

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    New US Supreme Court ruling will make life much harder for patent trolls was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Tracking your pet with TrackR creates a false sense of security

    Using a TrackR device to keep tabs on your pet works, although it’s not as convenient and easy as you may expect it to be.

    It’s spring time, which means we’re all itching to get outside and enjoy the warm sun — and that goes double for your pets. Whether you try to keep close tabs on your pet or keep them fenced in your backyard, there’s always a risk that your furry friend might make a break for it and go for a wander around the neighborhood.

    Few moments are more nerve-wracking as when you realize your pet is lost.

    Few moments are more nerve-wracking as when you realize your pet is lost. It was the fear of that moment that inspired me to test out using the TrackR Bravo as a means of keep tabs on my feisty feline — and assist me in tracking her down if she manages to get out.

    TrackR produces a line of small and simple-to-use tracking devices that use Bluetooth and your smartphone using the TrackR app. It’s slim enough to be tossed in a wallet or added to a keychai…

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