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  • Google unveils new YI HALO VR camera for their Jump platform

    Back in 2015 at I/O, and just after announcing Cardboard, Google rolled out Jump. At the time the hardware that accompanied it was the GoPro Odyssey, a big circular contraption containing 16 GoPro cameras. It was meant to make recording in 360 degrees…

  • Telegram tips and tricks

    Loaded with security and customization features, we’ll guide you through the best Telegram tips and tricks to make the most out of the messaging app.(This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-orders top previous S7 record by 30%

    After the fallout from the total recall of the defective Samsung Galaxy Note7, many observers worried that the company’s reputation could be permanently damaged, leading to a lack of confidence in future devices and ultimately to lower sales. That app…

  • [Last day to enter] Giveaway: Win one of three NCAA football helmet shaped Bluetooth speakers from Nima Athletics – total value $700

    If you love your team, you know that there’s no such thing as too many logos around your house or tailgate. That’s why I know you are going to love this giveaway if you’re a big college football fan. Nima Athletics and Android Police are giving away 3…

  • Spotify hiring to launch self-branded hardware, potentially a wearable

    You can listen to Spotify pretty much anywhere, but apparently that’s not good enough.

    Spotify is looking to add new members to its ranks with a goal of launching its own hardware, according to job listings the streaming music company has posted. As pointed out by Zatznotfunny, the two listings are pretty clear: the positions are to “deliver hardware directly from Spotify to existing and new customers” and “execution of Spotify’s voice efforts beyond our core apps.”

    A source of Zatznotfunny corroborates the assumption, saying Spotify is aiming to launch its own hardware and specifically using “wearable” to describe it. Spotify’s job listings particularly call out making “category defining product akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacles,” which is a tall order for a company that has no history beyond making apps for other popular platforms.

    A Spotify wearable doesn’t quite make sense at this point.

    Perhaps making some sort of Spotify-only home speaker solution…

  • You can still remap the Galaxy S8’s Bixby button, but it’s a messy hack

    Samsung announced the Bixby assistant several weeks ahead of the Galaxy S8 launch. We were told at the time this feature would let you control apps by voice and get contextual information. It doesn’t do any of that at launch, though. Naturally, people…

  • I went to a protest that had its own app

    Technology has become part of our culture and how we organize. We make use of Google Calendar or Outlook to coordinate schedules, send invitations to events via Facebook and Google+, and we settle bar tabs on Venmo, Circle, Dwolla, Google Wallet, Payp…

  • How to back up your Android launcher, and why you should

    You backup your photos, your music, your documents… Why not your launcher?

    We’ve all been there. You get a new phone and want it to feel familiar, like the one you just replaced. But all your app icons and widgets are all over the place. If you use a custom launcher, it’s possible to quickly get right back to where you were before, by using a backup and restore feature.

    Here’s how.

    Update April 2017: We’ve taken off Google Now Launcher, as it will be retiring soon and its backup system in not transferrable to other launchers, and Apex Launcher, ahead of its re-launch. We’ve also added Evie Launcher, Smart Launcher, and Yahoo Aviate.

    Nova Launcher

    Nova Launcher, one of the mainstays of the home screen replacement market, does a lot of things really well. It especially does backups really well. A backup does no good if it’s just going to sit on the device itself. Two of the primary reasons we create these backups are so that we can restore them if the device fails, or s…

  • Try your hand at Card Thief, a stealthy new solitaire game

    Card Thief is a new solitaire game from the creator of Card Crawl. Unlike Card Crawl’s dungeon crawling themed gameplay, Card Thief is focused more on a stealthy risk/reward mechanic. You will be sneaking around in the shadows and thieving treasure, a…

  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 vs 2017: Samsung takes some small steps forwards

    How is this year’s 2017 Samsung Galaxy A5 different from last year’s 2016 version? We put both phones head to head in our comparison to see what Samsung’s changed.(This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

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