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What do you think about Google’s Pixel 2?

So, how's that Pixel 2 treating you?

Google's Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL started to arrive on people's doorsteps this past Wednesday, and while it'll still be a while before everyone who preordered the phones gets their hands on them, plenty of early adopters have already shared their thoughts on Google's flagships for 2017.

Andrew and Alex both came away with very positive feelings for the Pixel 2 in their reviews, praising both the regular and XL model as two of the best Android phones you can buy right now. Each device has its own set of pros and cons, and while we could dive into a lot more detail on that front, that's not what we're here to do.

Today, we want to look at what you have to say about the Pixel 2. Here's what some of our forum users have said so far.

10-19-2017 07:46 PM

I love my pixel 2 XL, so far it's been great. The battery life is amazing, speakers are great, and even the sound quality has improved for phone calls. It doesn't feel plastic at all, or hollow. Nice job Google

10-19-2017 08:46 PM

I started on Windows Mobile (Motorola Q, anyone, anyone??), and have switched back and forth between Android and iOS. I always longed for a phone that would combine the two - the fluidity and app quality of iOS, with customizability of Android, etc., etc. So far, my new Pixel 2XL has it all. Absolutely love it, and it's been a while since I got this excited about a phone (probably since Note...

10-19-2017 02:48 PM

I have been a Droid guy for a long long time. Have literally owned a phone from every major player...a few Nexus, including my 6 that I just sent back to Google regrettably.....went back to Samsung to check the hype and because I have tech ADD. Yesterday my P2XL arrived...and less than 24 hours in...I am in love. Fast, Oreo...the screen is just fine. Camera is magnificent...just pleased as...

10-19-2017 09:14 PM

I've had my Pixel 2 XL set up for the past few hours and love it! The speakers are great and get loud, this thing is really fast, and I actually really like the display and the way that colors are rendered. Have yet to play around with the camera.


If you purchased the Pixel 2 and already have your hands on the phone, we want to know – What do you think about the Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL?

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