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Very bad news site says Pixel 4 “could be” modular because you’ll click on it

It's early, but my least favorite news story of 2019 so far is this awful garbage from T3, a tech news site from the UK, about the Pixel 4 potentially being "modular." I won't link to it (nice try, T3!), but I will give you the title and a synopsis.

EXCLUSIVE: Google Pixel 4 could be a fully customisable, modular smartphone

Essentially, the author argues that a patent (which is public record, by the way - hardly an exclusive) for some modular phone technology filed by Google indicates the (deep, sarcastic breath) ~*~POSSIBILITY~*~ that Google's next smartphone could use this technology.

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Very bad news site says Pixel 4 "could be" modular because you'll click on it was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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