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The Room: Old Sins is available for Android and it’s AMAZING [Game of the Week]

Update, April 20, 2018: The Room: Old Sins is an amazing new entry for one of the best puzzle series on mobile, and it's now out on Android.

The Room: Old Sins

Usually, I like to highlight a couple new games for Android that are worth checking out over the weekend — this week, I've decided to focus on just one because it's that good.

The Room: Old Sins is the latest epic puzzle game from Fireproof Games and the fourth in the award-winning 'The Room' puzzle game series. You are exploring the home of an ambitious engineer who has gone missing when you find a rather peculiar dollhouse in the attic.

Using a sophisticated eyepiece you're able to explore different rooms in the dollhouse that are filled with incredibly sophisticated puzzle boxes and contraptions. There's something really weird going on here, so maybe if you can solve all the puzzles you'll figure out what happened to the missing engineer and his wife.

If you've never played a game from "The Room" series before, just get ready for one of the more engrossing games you'll ever play on a mobile phone. The graphics and audio come together to create a wonderfully creepy vibe as you carefully inspect intricate objects and unlock secrets to help you on your journey.

The details here are just outstanding — if you've played the previous games you probably know what to expect, and yet you'll still be blown away by the sheer level of depth here. The controls are easy to pick up, and you're able to manage three profiles with cloud saves so you can share your progress between multiple devices and share the experience with friends or family.

If you want to catch up with the other games, you can snag The Room, The Room Two, and The Room 3 at discounted prices.

Download The Room: Old Sins ($4.99)

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