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Skyrim VR review: A clumsy, hilarious trip through a familiar world

This is probably not what it feels like to be Dragonborn.

From the moment Bethesda announced the seemingly immortal Skyrim would be getting a VR version, there have been a lot of questions. Building a game for VR and building a game for 2D screens require a lot of very different tools and design concepts, but the folks at Bethesda are no strangers to VR concepts. This is the first of several huge VR titles planned over the next couple of months, and with the addition of multiple DLC from the original game included in this version the amount of time players could spend in this game is orders of magnitude greater than your average VR game.

So is it better to have a ton of content to play with or flawless immersion in VR? This is an important question to ask yourself when considering Skyrim VR for your library, because in this situation you are not going to get both.

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