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New and aptly-named Notarize app does exactly what you’d expect

The legal system hasn't really kept pace with the development of technology in recent years, and one example of that is the inconvenience of notarizing documents. At best it's a hassle, and no one gets excited at having to wait for a signature to be witnessed or a statement certified. But now one more contemporary inconvenience has been "appified," as there's a new service named Notarize in the Google Play Store that does pretty much what you'd expect, given the name. 

The app claims to offer 24/7 notary services, with average wait times of less than one minute, so it's still a manual operation at some level, but it should be more convenient than having to look up a local notary or make your way down to a UPS store.

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New and aptly-named Notarize app does exactly what you'd expect was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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