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Honor 8 won’t be updated to Android Oreo

Honor is blaming "hardware and software limitations" for Oreo's no-show.

The Honor 8 was a truly fantastic mid-range handset when it launched in August of 2016, and following the update to Android Nougat in February of last year, it was made even better. We were crossing our fingers for Oreo to come to the phone in the near future, but those dreams have now been crushed.

Honor's Twitter account in India recently replied to a user asking about Oreo for the Honor 8, and this was the response:

Honor sites that "hardware and software limitations" are preventing Oreo from arriving on the Honor 8, but that doesn't seem like a valid argument in my book. The Honor 8 is powered by a more than capable Kirin 950 processor and 4GB of RAM, so I'd be interested in getting more specifics about what sort of "limitations" the company is faced with.

It is mentioned in another tweet that the Honor 8 will continue to receive security patches "when needed", but even so, I don't imagine many people will be happy with this news.

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