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Google Photos now recognizes your pets as people, like it should

This is a good update, Brent.

Google Photos' growing feature set can be difficult to keep track of at times, but one that continues to impress me even to this day is its ability to recognize people's faces and automatically organize photos that it knows they're in. As if this wasn't already good enough, Google is taking things a step further by identifying your pets in the same exact manner.

With this update, the People section in Google Photos will be updated to "People and Pets" to showcase both your human companions, as well as those that are a bit fluffier. You could previously search for your pets by typing in terms such as "cat" or "dog", but for those that have multiple pets and want to look at pictures of specific ones, this will make doing so a lot easier.

Your pets will show up alongside people in your Google Photos library, and just like you've previously been able to do with humans, you'll be able to set a profile photo and name for your furry friend so finding them is as easy as can be.

This new addition is rolling out to Google Photos now, and it's one h*ck of a good update. 13/10.

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