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Ecobee thermostats pick up Google Assistant

Make your home warmer or cooler with just your voice.

Of all that smart home gadgets that exist, thermostats continue to be some of the most popular. Having to get up and walk over to a certain part of the house to warm or cool it is so outdated, and devices like Ecobee's thermostats allow you to easily adjust the temperature right from your phone.

However, sometimes even pulling out your phone to do this can be a chore. Thankfully, Ecobee is now adding Google Assistant support to its latest thermostats so you can use your Google Home or other Assistant-equipped devices to control them with just your voice.

You can now use Google Assistant with the Ecobee3 Lite, Ecobee3, and Ecobee4, and saying commands such as "Ok, Google, make my home warmer" will allow you to get your house or apartment at just the right temperature without having to lift a finger.

Ecobee isn't the first smart thermostat to add Google Assistant support, but the way we see it, the more the merrier.

Ecobee's new smart thermostat has Alexa built-in

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