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Doodle in the air with Google’s new AR experiment, Just a Line [APK Download]


Google's turned another one of its Experiments into a standalone app: augmented reality doodling tool Just a Line hit the Play Store today. Based on Jonas Jongejan's ARCore Drawing experiment, the app lets you make augmented reality drawings in 3D space around you, and frankly, it's pretty stinkin' neat.


There's really not a whole lot to the app: drawing with your finger on your phone's screen, you're able to scrawl white lines in the air that realistically stay in place as you move around them—it's sort of like the Pixel's AR stickers with just a dash of Tilt Brush.

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Doodle in the air with Google's new AR experiment, Just a Line [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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