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Blackberry KEYone available for just $499 from Amazon and Best Buy

On sale between now and 11:59 PM CT.

TCL's BlackBerry KEYone is not a perfect phone, but compared to all of the flat slabs of metal and glass we've seen throughout the year, it's definitely one of the most eye-catching. The KEYone's physical keyboard and utilitarian design harken back to a bygone era, and if you've been wanting to relive the BlackBerry glory days but have been waiting for the right time to jump on a KEYone, your day has finally come.

The KEYone's regular retail price of $549 has never been outrageous, and when compared to handsets like the Pixel 2 XL and Galaxy Note 8 that cost dangerously close to $1000, it's considerably lower price tag makes it a much more justifiable purchase. However, thanks to a flash sale that's available between now and 11:59 PM CT, you can pick up the KEYone for just $499.

This deal is available at Amazon and Best Buy (both online and in-stores), and both outlets will carry the GSM and CDMA unlocked variants so you can use the KEYone no matter what carrier you're subscribed to.

For more info or to purchase the KEYone during this limited sale, check the links below.

See at Amazon See at Best Buy

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