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Best Heavy Duty Cases for Amazon Fire Tablets

What's the best Amazon Fire case for kids? The one that keeps it in one piece!

With Amazon recently announcing a new refresh for its Fire tablet line, it's time to consider upgrading to the latest and greatest. But what to do with your old tablet?

Slap on a kid-proof case and let your kids have fun with a tablet of their very own!

Fintie Casebot Honey Comb Series

Bouncy, durable, flexible silicone is totally the way to go if you have kids who can't wait to get their sticky mitts all over your Amazon Fire.

The honeycomb design helps to disperse the force of impact, so that your Fire stays in one piece when dropped from a short height. It wraps around the front of your tablet to protect the bezel and create a bumper between your screen and whatever your kid happens to lay it down on.

Comes in 10 colors and only fits the 2015 7-inch Fire. Grab a couple — they're only $9 apiece.

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Topsky heavy duty case

These Topsky cases are made of polycarbonate and flexible silicone, so that they're easy for your child to hold and durable enough to withstand playtime, even if playtime means playing with your Fire tablet instead of on it.

The kickstand is perfect to help you set up your tablet for the little ones when they want to watch cartoons or play games. And if you're taking your Fire tablet on a roadtrip any time soon, the Topsky case will more than see it through life on the road.

Comes in seven colors and fits the 7-inch Fire tablet (2015). $16 on Amazon.

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Avawo convertible handle stand

Tablets can be awkward for the kidlets to hold onto without dropping, so having a case with a handle made for little hands is perfect.

The handle folds into a convenient stand, and the case is thick and made with heavy duty EVA foam, which protects your Fire tablet from drops and the odd toss.

Comes in purple, green, red, or black for $15 and fits the 2015 (5th generation) Fire tablet only.

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Tinkle One EVA case

EVA foam is where it's at for shock-proof cases that help kid-proof your Amazon Fire tablet. It's wipeable with a damp cloth and durable enough to survive short drops.

That being said, drops shouldn't be common, since the case is designed with little hands in mind, and it comes in six fun colors (well, five and black) to appease even the most discerning of toddlers.

Fits the 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet (2015). $14.

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EpicGadget hybrid case

EpicGadget's hybrid case is shock-proof and provides great drop protection, thanks to its flexible silicone and hard polycarbonate makeup.

The vertical kickstand lets you stand your Amazon Fire tablet upright or horizontally, so you can watch cartoons or play games hands-free.

The color combinations are fun and bright, and you can count on the silicone to be grippy and easy to clean.

Fits the 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet. Comes in five colors and starts around $13 on Amazon.

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Amazon FreeTime

Amazon's own FreeTime case is totally designed with kids in mind, with a shape meant for little hands, reinforced corners for extra drop protection, fun colors, and made from a material that's kid-safe and easy to clean.

All the buttons and ports are easily accessible for adults and children alike, and raised bumps on the inside help to further disperse impact.

Fits the 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet (2015). $15.

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Moko case

This rugged case from Moko is made of impact-resistant EVA material to protect from drop damage with a convenient handle so your kids can easily carry it around and hopefully prevent it from being dropped in the first place. There's an ample bezel around the screen to keep that protected while keeping the buttons and camera accessible.

The handle also folds over to create a kickstand which is convenient indeed. This case only works with the 2015 edition of the Amazon Fire 7 tablet and is available in seven funky colors starting at $20.

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Bear Motion

Bear Motion's silicone case is similar to Fintie's in its sort of honey comb design, but its shape makes for a better grip and a neat way to protect your new 7th-gen Fire tablet. This case offers a thick bezel on the front to protect your screen, and the flexible silicone absorbs impact.

You can grab this on on Amazon for only $10 and in seven colors.

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What's on your Fire?

Do you have an awesome go-to case to make sure your kids don't destroy your Amazon Fire tablet? Let us know in the comments below!

Updated October 2017: Added pricing.

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