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Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8

If you know for sure you're getting the Samsung Galaxy S8, you can already buy some cases.

Update April 21: Updated to reflect launch day, and added many new cases to our list.

The day has finally arrived! The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus has launched and folks should be getting their hands on them today. With its brilliant new Infinity Display and industry leading design, it's truly something to behold.

Which means that if you haven't picked up a case for it, you probably should. Yea, we hear all you case haters out there who say you don't need a case, or that covering up the phone with blocky plastics and rubber is a sin. But for those of us who know we're prone to damaging our phones and want to keep our Galaxy S8 in tip-top shape, here are some of your best options!

Otterbox Commuter Series

The OtterBox Commuter Series has garnered a well-deserved reputation as being one of the best cases for keeping your phone well protected while maintaining a slim design.

Like most OtterBox cases, this is a two-piece case that features a soft inner sleeve paired with a hard outer shell that helps to absorb impacts while providing great all-round protection for your phone. The case features port covers over the headphone jack and USB-C charging port, which just adds extra protection against dirt, dust, and pocket lint.

Now typically we'd go ahead and recommend OtterBox's Defender Series, which typically offers more rugged protection with a built-in screen protector. However, OtterBox made the curious decision to not include a screen protector with their Defender Series case for the Galaxy S8. Therefore, the Commuter Series is probably your best bet, as it's $10 cheaper and offers most of the same protection — although it lacks the Defender Series' belt clip holster.

See at Amazon

UAG Plasma Feather-Light Rugged Case

UAG makes some really good rugged cases for phones. Those who use them love them because they offer really good protection while also adding a whole bunch of textures along the side and the back to help with grip.

For the Samsung Galaxy S8, we'll recommend the ultra light UAG Plasma case, which is available in both solid colors and transparent options. These cases included soft raised rubber around the corners of the screen, offering protection when you put your phone screen down on a table or surface. There are also skid pads on the back of the case which help prevent your phone fron slipping off the table.

If your phone does hit the ground, the hard outer shell and impact-resistant soft core work in tandem to absorb the shock and prevent scuffs and scratches. This is accomplished while keeping the case thin enough to be compatible with both Samsung Pay and wireless charging.

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CM4 Q Card Wallet Case

Made by CM4, the Q Card Case features a multi-material design that features soft-touch rubber around the phone itself and a premium fabric pocket on the back that can hold up to three cards along with some cash. There's a lip around the front to protect the screen when it's laying flat, high grip texture the top and bottom edges, while preserving the 'natural' feel of the volume and power buttons on the side.

It's a unique and functional design that will be appealing to some. If you dig the style here, you can get yours for either the S8 or S8+ from CM4's website.

See at CM4

Moko Heavy Duty Case with Holster Belt Clip and Kickstand

Moko offers cheap and rugged cases for phones, and this dual-layered case will offer some great protection for your brand new device — if you don't mind completely covering the sleek design.

There are ample cutouts around the charging port and headphone jack so you don't have to worry about your accessories not fitting, and there's a lip around the screen for added protection. Moko also includes a convenient kickstand for hands-free viewing on the back, along with a belt clip holster if you're into that sort of thing.

Available for $9, it's a cheap investment for those who absolutely want to keep their phone protected the minute they take it out of the box.

See at Amazon

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Case

Another rugged case we often like recommending is the Unicorn Beetle case from SUPCASE. It's a rugged three-piece case that offers a front plate around the screen — no screen protector included — that provides important protection for that screen without affecting the curved edges of the screen.

This case is made of durable polycarbonate which means it's tough enough to withstand everything life throws its way, with textured edges along the side to help with grip. There are ample cutouts around the headphone jack and charging port.

This case is also compatible with screen protectors, although again one is not included here.

See at Amazon

VRS Design Cases

VRS Design has a full collection of cases available from their site for the Galaxy S8, but we'll highlight one of their more minimalist options here.

The Single Fit case offers a minimalist option for keeping your phone safe. It's a one-piece case made of TPU that snuggly fits around your Galaxy S8 without adding too much bulk to that sleek design. Unlike the phone itself, this case is fingerprint resistant and also provides better grip than the slippery Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy S8. You get nice protection around the camera and fingerprint sensor on the back, and a subtle lip around the screen, along with the ample cutouts and precise buttons to ensure your phone's functionality is unaffected.

Check out the Single Fit case at the link below, or browse through the rest of VRS Design's Galaxy S8 collection and find the right case for you!

See at VRS Design

Spigen cases

Spigen consistently delivers cases that combine great design and quality protection for a stylish product that keeps your phone safe. We've gone hands-on with their latest batch of cases for the Galaxy S8 and can report back that they're as good as ever on Samsung's latest device. Whether you like their Tough Armor series or their minimalist Thin Fit cases, you're sure to find a case that you'll love.

We'll recommend Spigen's Ultra Hybrid Clear Case, which offers decent protection with a minimalist design that lets the design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 shine right through. It combines a TPU bumper with a rugged polycarbonate back plate which offers great protection for your new phone.

Not a fan of this one? Check out our hands-on with the new Galaxy S8 cases from Spigen, then head on over to Amazon and grab your favorite!

See at Amazon

Nomad Leather Folio Wallet

Nomad's Galaxy S8 folio case is like nothing else on the list. It uses Horween leather from the oldest tannery in the United States that is meant to show its age. On the inside of the light brown case is a holder for up to six cards plus cash, and the phone insert is there to keep your Galaxy S8 steady in the case of a drop.

This is one of the nicest-looking folio cases we've seen to date, and we're looking forward to seeing how it looks in three or six months!

See at Nomad

What case are you rocking?

We want to know how you plan to keep your Galaxy S8 protected. Let us know which case you're getting in the comments!

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