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woowRescue, the Personal Safety APP

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woowRescue, the Personal Safety APP

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Price: Free

Rating: 3.60/5 (5 votes)


woowRescue is an app for mobile devices which is designed to be an Integrated Emergency System, in areas ranging from healthcare to police matters. For everyone! The Personal Safety APP!What type of emergency does it detect?The system can automatically detect accidents involving movement, in cars, motorbikes, buses, etc. This means it can also detect sports accidents. The system can launch the mechanisms needed for effectively monitoring the situation, as well as facilitating healthcare attention, speeding up the response times of the different Emergency Services.It can also detect when people go missing or get lost, providing valid, sensitive information to police services, maximising the possibility of finding the lost person, or in a worst-case scenario, reconstructing the events leading to their disappearance.How does it work?The app is installed on any Smartphone (currently Android only), and does not need to be configured by the user to work. It can be active 24 hours a day, constantly monitoring for any possible emergency situations. Everything is designed to work independently and automatically without the active participation of the user.How are the alerts produced?The app can send alerts via text message, phone call and notifications in the style of messaging programmes.It includes a very innovative element which allows notifications to be sent to nearby devices whose users have medical expertise, even if they are not known to the app user.What happens if the user is unconscious after an accident?The app functions normally. In fact, it was conceived and designed from the start to offer a system which can send out alerts in the most difficult moments, even when the user is unconscious.In the most extreme cases, the app can speak by itself and communicate verbally with the person receiving the emergency call, giving them information about the accident. The verbal communication is produced by a…

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