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Thumb up - Phone Fight

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Thumb up - Phone Fight

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Price: Free

Rating: 2.00/5 (4 votes)


Thumb Up is an app which will help you to check out how powerful is your phone. Using Thumb up you can compare (Fight) with your with other android mobile phones in the most funnier way... You dont have to wonder whether is your phone or your friends phone is more powerful. Thumb Up is the way to find it out. This app comes with other useful and efficient tools like Advanced task manager or task Killer, network traffic monitor or network usage and system info checker. **** How to do a Phone Fight *******- Get a friend who is an Android phone User.- Download the Thumb Up app from the Android Market and install in on both the phone.- Login in a minute into the phone app using your facebook login.- Click on Start a “Start a phone fight! “ on phone and BUMP it (slightly punch both the hands with the phone)-  You will see the fight result instantly**** How it Works *****- As soon as you bumped it using the Thumb up. Our app will compare your phone configuration such as android OS version, CPU, Storage, media and many other features and decides who has the most powerful phone.OTHER USEFUL TOOLS IN THE THUMB UP APP :**** Mobile Info (Config) **** This is a very useful tool find out you system (mobile ) information and what is the capability of your hardware and what are the features that are available in your phone. You don't have to go the Internet or Mobile catalog to check it out.**** Network Usage (or) Network Traffic Monitor *****This tool will help you to monitor the network usage of your 3G and 2G usage. It will notify you when you limit is nearing or going out of your limit. This Network traffic…

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