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Price: Free

Rating: 2.96/5 (24 votes)


Sweep is a great new puzzle game.  Clear all but one casino chips from the the board by sweeping chips into one another. This game features 999 unique puzzles to keep you sharp and entertained.

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  • [Update: Last day to enter] Giveaway: Win one of 100 codes for [projekt.] development team’s Andromeda, the root-less Substratum add-on for Android 8.0 Oreo theming

    Ever since the Android community learned that theming might be possible on Android 8.0 Oreo, we’ve been waiting with bated breath to try it out. Just last week the solution was finally released in the form of Andromeda, an add-on for Substratum that allows you to apply themes without root. And now we’ve teamed up with the guys at [projekt.] development team to give 100 lucky readers a free code for Andromeda. 

    For the full details on what Andromeda is you can read up a bit on the subject or watch our video below, but the short version is, when combined with some extra software on your PC, Andromeda allows you to set a custom substratum-compatible theme on your Android 8.0 Oreo powered device.

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    [Update: Last day to enter] Giveaway: Win one of 100 codes for [projekt.] development team’s Andromeda, the root-less Substratum add-on for Android 8.0 Oreo theming was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • T-Mobile and Sprint are apparently still in merger talks

    A merger between Sprint and T-Mobile has been rumored for years at this point, and a new report from CNBC claims there two are indeed still at it. An announcement may be a few weeks out, or it may not happen at all, but CNBC reports that the current framework would see T-Mobile and its parent company Deutsche Telekom emerge as the majority owner of the combined carrier.

    T-Mobile was considered to be a target for takeover for years, and AT&T tried in 2011.

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    T-Mobile and Sprint are apparently still in merger talks was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Get your cable chaos under control with this $7 magnetic cable organizer

    If you’re sick and tired of having to reach down to grab your charging cables hiding under your desk or couch, then this is probably going to be the best thing you see all day.

    I still forget to charge my phone, even though it’s sitting on the desk right next to my laptop and I know there’s a charger within arm’s reach. The problem is the Lightning cable is on the ground underneath my chair, and I’m either too pre-occupied to notice it’s not plugged in or too lazy to reach down and grab it. The TedGem magnetic cable organizer exists to solve that very problem, and right now it’s down to $6.99 on Amazon. This handy desktop cord management system normally sells for $10 with occasional drops as low as $8, but it has never sold as low as $7 with a direct price drop before. You can get this deal in Light or Dark Grey.

    The device is a multipurpose magnetic cable clip that comes with three cable buckles and two bases. Features include:

    Newest magnetic creative design and stylish cable cl…

  • How to customize Always On Display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    Samsung has slowly improved its Always On Display — here’s how to get started with it.

    Even when your Galaxy Note S8’s display is “off,” it isn’t really off. Always On Display triggers right away, and continues to show you useful information that’s available at a glance so you don’t always have to turn on the whole display just to check the time or see if you have notifications. It’s a neat tool that works well right out of the box, but is even better once you get into the settings and customize things a bit.

    How to customize Always On Display

    To get started with customizing the Always On Display, head to Settings, Lock screen and security then Always On Display. Now let’s see what’s in there and what you can do with it. By default, you have six different main clock styles to choose from: digital clock, analog clock, world clock, calendar, image and edge clock. They’re all pretty self-explanatory and have small previews of what they look like generally. You can download mor…

  • LG V30 gets torn down, shows impressive camera hardware

    JerryRigEverything has torn down the LG V30, showing all the internal components.

    While it hasn’t been released yet, the LG V30 has already been making waves with reviewers. Alex said in his review of the device that it was a no-BS flagship: everything a user may want without any compromises or gimmicks. As we get closer to the release of the phone, more and more journalists are getting their hands on the device.

    JerryRigEverything has done his customary tear down of the V30, and there are more great things about the phone to report. The video is sponsored by LG, so make of that what you will. The video begins with some impressive shots of New York City, recorded on the V30. While the phone is waterproof, it was fairly easy to get into with the proper equipment. There isn’t too much in the way of adhesive, and all the components are held in place with clips.

    The video notes the primary camera contains a 10-bit image sensor, meaning it can be used to record HDR video. The LG V…

  • PaintVR Brings 3D Painting to Life

    Disclaimer: I cannot draw. At all. Like, even a little.

    Paint VR by Coskami Games is an attempt to bring the 3d painting experience to Daydream. As you may know Google have a powerful 3D painting program called TiltBrush which can be enjoyed on the more powerful headsets such as the Vive but this is the first app for a less powerful system.

    Read more at VRHeads!

  • The iHome iAVS1 is a boring Echo Dot alarm clock

    It’s a clock with an Amazon Echo Dot shoved inside. And I’m having no problem containing my excitement.

    On one hand, it’s good thing that so many accessories manufacturers are jumping onto the Echo Dot bandwagon. Amazon’s budget Echo is a prime candidate for cheap accessories that make it do more than was originally intended. But that may be the undoing of the iHome iAVS1 clock.

    iHome, of course, is a longtime maker of all sorts of smart-ish accessories. If you’ve been in a hotel room in the past decade there’s a decent chance you’ve seen one of their alarm clock/speaker mash-ups. (And there’s also a decent chance you’ve seen one with an old-school 30-pin iPhone connector, as your Micro USB-powered Android phone watched from the sidelines. But that’s another story for another time.) The iAVS1 goes a slightly different direction and uses an Amazon Echo Dot (either first- or second-generation) to make an otherwise dumb clock a good bit smarter.

    Setup of this sort of thing is as si…

  • Huawei’s Mate 10 shows its face in public for the first time

    This is the Huawei Mate 10, and it looks familiar.

    We’re nearing the end of the year — not in terms of months, but in terms of phone releases. Most companies want to get their devices into the hands of consumers by the holiday season, which only gives them until about mid- to late-October to do so. After the Pixels launch on October 4, the final flagship to look forward to (at least that we know of) is Huawei’s Mate 10.

    The company poked a bit of fun at Apple’s iPhone X Face ID in a recent Facebook post, claiming that the Mate 10, which will be unveiled on October 16, is “The Real AI Phone.”

    Here’s Mate 10 in the wild, via tip. pic.twitter.com/yFzIVoxokH— Evan Blass (@evleaks) September 19, 2017
    Now we’re seeing the Mate 10’s visage for the first time thanks to Evan Blass. While unremarkable, the phone certainly shrinks the bezels from even the minor top and bottom protrusions of the Mate 9, and certainly brings Huawei into the same league as Samsung and LG. The phone pr…

  • BlackBerry KEYone now available to order online in QWERTY, QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard layouts!

    It’s now easier to get a KEYone with custom keyboard layouts!

    As the BlackBerry KEYone continues to be released into new markets, the folks at BlackBerry Mobile have now officially opened up its online shop in Europe. Customers looking to get their hands on a BlackBerry KEYone can now order the device online directly in their choice of QWERTY, QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard layouts and charger variants.

    In addition to device options, some great BlackBerry KEYone accessories such as screen protectors and cases are also available from the shop, which ships to 28 countries throughout Europe. To help with the ordering process, BlackBerry Mobile has also set up a FAQ page on the store site where you can find out additional information before placing your order.

    See the BlackBerry KEYone at the BlackBerry Mobile Shop

    BlackBerry KEYone

    BlackBerry KEYone review
    KEYone vs. Priv: Battle of the BlackBerry keyboards
    BlackBerry KEYone specs
    The latest KEYone news
    Join the discussion in …

  • Divoom Timebox Mini review: Fun, but ultimately underwhelming

    I’ve grown jaded to the Bluetooth speaker market lately, but I always hop on the chance to review a new one in the admittedly futile hope that it will exceed my general expectations of the product segment. I get really excited when I’m pitched something that has a truly unique aspect to it — and no, I don’t consider durability or weatherproof-ness to be unique anymore. But do you know what I really dislike?

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    Divoom Timebox Mini review: Fun, but ultimately underwhelming was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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