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Square Wars

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Square Wars

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 2.46/5 (65 votes)


*** New: Play online with thousands of opponents! ***

Challenge your friends and random opponents to play an online game of Square Wars. Play up to 10 games simultaneously.  Search your friends or let us find an opponent for you. You can even chat with them if you like! Off course you can still play an offline game too: in casual mode, with up to 4 friends or against the clock.

Square Wars is a Star Wars themed variation on a little turn-based game many of us played (or play) in high school:  Start with a grid of dots. When it's your turn:1) hit a line to connect two dots and make it your own  2) if you complete a square you earn a point and may continue 3) when all dots are connected, the player that has the most squares/points wins

Online we will keep your score by adding your points if you win and subtracting the winners points if you lose. So try to play yourself  into our Top Jedi Masters high score list!

Square Wars has already been downloaded over 50.000 times in the Google Market and almost 200.000 times in the Amazon Appstore!

Don't like the advertisements? Please get the ad free version, which is also available in the Market...

Features: * Play against your Android  * Play with up two 3 other players (4 player game) on your own phone * Play against thousands of opponents online * Search your friends or play with a random opponent * Chat online with your opponents! * Fully customize the number of squares on the board in offline mode * Play with alternative colors if you are red and green colorblind * Turn off the background stars if they are bothering you *…

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