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SqrMe - Square & Photos Filter

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SqrMe - Square & Photos Filter

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 3.25/5 (8 votes)


SqrMe is a photo editor to instantly square & enhance your photos seamlessly then share them instantly on popular social networks !

It is the fastest way to share square photos or pictures on particular networks such as Instagram that requires square shaped only photos without any crops !

SqrMe is also a photo filter app with frames, colors, shapes, memes, stickers, texts and several other effects and features that you can apply on your photos to enhance them before sharing with your friends !

The fastest way to share square shaped photos on Instagram (or similar networks) : 1) choose SqrMe from the list of apps when you share a photo; 2) bam, you are aldready in Instagram to publish your automatically square sized photo !

Square and enhance your images, photos from your gallery or take a photo with your favorite camera application directly from the application to square !

Select the application "SqrMe" when you share an image or a photo from your browser or other applications (see the screenshots), it will automatically make the magic for you with a square version of that content !

Default background is white, this can be changed in settings.Default instant social network is preselected for instant sharing, change in settings.


Some features:


? Square images, photos, pictures (any format)

? Instantly share on popular social networks

? Take a photo, you will have automatically the square version ready at your hands !

? Square and enhance images from other applications

? Rotate or enhance with filters

? Add a reflection : nice effects on your photos ! It is a toggle feature (add/remove); try the combinations rotate/filter + reflection to  make…

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