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Self-Hypnosis for Meditation

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Self-Hypnosis for Meditation

Price: Free

Rating: 2.68/5 (37 votes)


Two professionally made self-hypnosis sound tracks are built in this application to help you achieve different states of meditation and relaxation. You can also choose to play the tracks with our hypnosis brainwave tune in the background for amazing effects.

Quiet Mind Meditation

Doing meditation is very important for people’s mind. It can help you keep quiet. If you are looking to develop a quiet, clear mind, then Quiet Mind Meditation may be what you're looking for. 

Slowing down your mind by watching your thoughts but choosing not getting involved or attached to them is an important step in learning to be more fully present in each moment. The Quiet Mind Meditation is designed to help you to slow down and learn how to create a quiet mind. Suggestions and metaphors are used to help you (and your subconscious) begin the practice of quieting your mind. Follow the instructions and exercise it step by step. You can achieve it.

Rainforest Meditation

Do you want to feel the fresh air and serene environment in rainforest? It must be very cool. But due to the busy life in modern times, it is hard to have such experience very often. Rainforest Meditation can take you deep into your own personal rainforest sanctuary where you can escape the stressful pace of everyday life and meditate peacefully to the sounds of the rainforest. 

As you relax, you'll transport yourself to the front porch of your sanctuary where a gentle, soothing mist will seep through the screen windows.  A fractional relaxation sequence follows as the healing, rejuvenative mist penetrates your nerves and muscles and helps you to relax ever deeper. During the meditation portion of the session, you can either choose to meditate in a traditional way or choose to meditate…

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    How to set your Chromebook to unlock with a PIN

    Unlock your Chromebook with your standard password.
    In the lower right corner, click on your account picture.
    Click on the gear icon to open the settings app

    Under the “People” section, click Screen lock. Enter your login password.
    Under “Screen lock options,” cl…

  • Nokia 8 gets Android 8.0 Oreo, update for Nokia 6 and 5 coming soon

    One of the ways Nokia (or rather, HMD Global) is trying to differentiate itself is with quick Android updates. Android 8.0 Oreo, being the first major update since Nokia started releasing its phones, is the first major test of this claim. Now, about three months after it started rolling out to Google devices, the Nokia 8 is receiving its Oreo update.

    O k, here we go
    R eviewed your feedback
    E verything is polished
    O fficial update rolling out today! #AndroidOreo #Nokia8 #Oreo #Nokiamobilebetalabs pic.twitter.com/QpZeh9JTu0

    — Juho Sarvikas (@sarvikas) November 24, 2017

    The public Oreo beta test for the Nokia 8 started last month, and now the final version is rolling out to unlocked models.

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    Nokia 8 gets Android 8.0 Oreo, update for Nokia 6 and 5 coming soon was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • OnePlus 5T gets OxygenOS 4.7.2 for improved face unlock, fingerprint sensor, and more

    OxygenOS 4.7.2 is 1613Mb in size and is rolling out to the 5T now.

    OnePlus just recently launched the OnePlus 5T, but the company’s latest flagship already has a pretty hefty software update waiting for it. OxygenOS 4.7.2 is now available for the 5T, and while it doesn’t introduce any new features, it does improve a lot of the existing ones that are on the phone out of the box.

    Along with your general stability enhancements and bug fixes, OxygenOS 4.7.2 includes optimizations for the fingerprint sensor and face unlock on the 5T so that they’re even faster and more reliable. We were already quite impressed with just how well face unlock worked on the 5T prior to this update, so we can’t wait to see how it performs now.

    OnePlus also has also improved the accuracy of screen off gestures, electronic-image-stabilization when recording 4K video has been upgraded, and the WPA2 KRACK vulnerability is patched as well.

    The OxygenOS 4.7.2 update for the OnePlus 5T weighs in at 1613Mb, and i…

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