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Scare Your Friends to Death!

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Scare Your Friends to Death!

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 3.00/5 (2 votes)


The ultimate Scare Your Friends application for Free Install.Pranks to Freak you

After extensive research we have put together the BEST Scare Your Friends to Death! arcade action application on the Market. You will simply get the fright of your life. Our pictures are the scariest. Our sounds are the loudest. We have more features and options that any of the other similar apps out there. Oh and by the way.....This application is completely FREE.

You have the ability to:

Choose between one of the many frightening and shocking images to scare your friend or family member.

choose a time option on the delay feature from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.

Choose from twenty of the loudest shocking sounds to scare your target with(you can test play your sound before making the final decision)

Now this is the cool part...We have a DECOY IMAGE option. You can select from several of our standard decoy images, or you have the option of choosing a decoy image from your own personal video library. This ads to the overall enjoyment of this very awesome prank.

You then have the ability to scare your friend by handing them your phone, or sending them the prank via email, social media platforms, or text.

At any time you can view our other very popular applications and download them for free with the "EYES" icon.

We know and hope you enjoy this very awesome application we made and only ask that you after extensive time, review our application in a positive manor as we so deserve.

This application is for mature audiences only and should not be used for any minors or people with a weak heart condition, or serious anxiety issues. This is strictly for entertainment purposes…

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