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Say What?! Free

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Say What?! Free

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 2.53/5 (204 votes)


Say What?! is the ultimate text translator app for Android phones! Are your text messages boring? Do you hate it when someone texts you and you have no idea what they mean? Do you have an Android phone? If you answered yes or no to any of the above questions then Say What?! is the app for you! This texting translator turns regular sms messages into something more understandable or more fun.

Incoming messages: automatically translatedOutgoing messages: Use the widget to translate and send messages to your contacts

The Say What?! widget allows you to create and translate your own text messages and send them to others. The widget also lets you toggle whether or not Say What?! should be automatically translating incoming messages. Download other Say What?! translation packs to mix and match languages within Say What?! to create the ultimate text messages. Check the store frequently for the newest add-ons!

Say What?! comes pre-loaded with the LOLSpeak translation pack which translates texting lingo into English and vice versa.Examples:Ili wen you ignore mai txting - I love it when you ignore my textingRofl! idk if pcrs! - Rolling on the floor laughing! I don't know if parents can read slang!g2g do hmwk ttyl - Got to go do homework talk to you later

This free version limits the number of translated incoming texts to only 15 messages per day!

Upgrade to the full version of Say What?! to gain these benefits:? Unlimited incoming automatic translations.? Ability to add and remove words from the translation packs.? Removes all "- translated by Say What?!" message tags from messages sent and received

Make sure the free version is uninstalled after installing the full version!

Make sure notifications for the default messaging app is turned off.

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