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Remind Me

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Remind Me

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Price: Free

Rating: 2.33/5 (3 votes)


Remind_MeReminder applications are very common nowadays and everybody has an alarm app that comes with the phone.

This easy to use application will prove that you will no longer have to memorise or note down major events in your life because remind me keeps reminding you about these events according to your needs. This is mainly focussed on businessmen for scheduling meetings, appointments etc.

For ease of use the app has only one main screen where you can enter a new reminder, edit/modify existing reminders and delete any reminders.

There are several ways in which you can make use of this reminder, firstly if you just need a reminder for a particular day then just set the desired date. The current date and default time(09:00 am) are shown where you can reset the date and time. If time is not changed you will get a notification with alarm on the mentioned date at 09:00 am, else if you set a time and date leaving all other field blank will give you a notification on the set date at the set time.

You can also set a reminder that will start before n number of days,hours or minutes according to how you set it.For example if you have a meeting scheduled for a day and you need to be notified before 2 or 3 days/hours/minutes means you can enter a value in start before field. By doing this you will get 2 notifications, one mentioned according to start before field and the next notification will appear at the original mentioned date & time.

Now if you need a reminder repeating for a constant interval of time, set date and time at which alarm should finish and also fill start before field and interval field. The 1st…

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