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Real Life Calculator

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Real Life Calculator

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Price: Free

Rating: 3.31/5 (179 votes)


Most probably every individual wanders to get real answers of some questions concerned with their's own personality as well as Personal & Social Life. For instance, so many questions of an individual about health, future & relationship remain unsolved, however, no matter to worry now. Real Life Calculator is here to take away your inside agitation in a pinch. Real Life Calculator is a stunning and worthy mobile application for your phone which pull off diverse calculation widgets at a single hub and tends to immerse in yourself in account of Numeric Calculator, Health Calculator, Astrology as well as Love & Partner Relationship Calculator.Numeric Calculator allows you to perform any arithmetical calculation including Addition, Subtraction, Multiply and Division as well as calculating percentage, square and even calculating long digit. In this sound financial environment where everyone talks about share market, investment plan, Interest rate on bank account and many more, this Numeric Calculator is much efficient, simple and convenient to calculate.In this modern era where life style of people proliferating in square, in the same manner they become more aware and sincere towards health. This Health application wouldn't convey your health outline in much detail but efficient toward complete physical overview including BMI (Body Mass Index) which play a significant role to control as well as prevention of distinct severe diseases. It is very simple and easy to use. What you have to do? Nothing, Just submit some data like your height, weight, some body parts measurement including wrist & hip with date of birth. Now, you will have your all physical body overview on your phone screen. In addition of your current health status it also offer tips and tricks with nutrition, diet, exercise etc. to make you fit and healthy. However, Health is Wealth.Astrology or Astro Calculator is really an…

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