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Puzzle with Choice

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Puzzle with Choice

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 3.29/5 (108 votes)


This puzzle game has been developed to deliver fun and entertainment for all age group including both kids and adults. This not only tease your brain but also allows to enjoy beautiful images you achieved in consequence of solving the puzzle. The most impressive and innovative features of this game that you must be acquainted about, apart of pre-loaded pictures you can upload your own desired images including your own photograph, a scene and more.

Moreover, this puzzle game comes with three distinct levels of complexity; Easy level, Medium level and Difficult level comprising the game area of 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 respectively. You can opt to go with among these three game levels according to your wish and desire. Now, let me take you through the home screen and its elements before starting the game. Also, we will discuss about 'How to Play' in coming next section.

Resume: If you meet any task in the midst of playing game. No need to worry, you can quit the game at moment. Later, you can restart the game from the same position of game. However, give the worst feeling of loosing the game without getting the final result.

Start Game: This tab can be implemented to start a new game. It lets you to play your desired game from the starting point.

Game Level: Here you can change the level of complexity of the game according to your wish and enjoy the puzzle with more game area as stated above.

Highest Score: Here you can view the details of highest scores has been achieved by you automatically save the highest score and put a challenge in front of you to hit that score.

Select Image: This is very innovative feature of this game. If you…

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