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Pin 'n Find - Car Finder

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Pin 'n Find - Car Finder

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Price: Free

Rating: 1.70/5 (10 votes)


So many car locator apps are available these days, but once you use AOSV’s free Android app, Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder,” you’ll be impressed with its straightforward, extremely simple operation.   No muss, no fuss -- it does a great job getting you right back to your car! 

Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder remembers where you parked either by automatically using your vehicle’s hands-free Bluetooth connection, or with an easy two-step operation of dragging the pin down on the screen.  When you’re ready to go back to your car, the app reminds you where it is and can also help you navigate right back to your parking spot.


Unique features of Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder

  • Effortless operation:  Just touch and drag the pin to set your car’s location.  When you’re ready to go back to where you parked, open the app and press “Find My Car!”  So easy.
  • Even simpler with Bluetooth hands-free:  No need to even launch the app!  If your car has Bluetooth hands-free, each time you stop the engine, the app automatically remembers where you parked.  If you have a Bluetooth hands-free car kit, e.g. Parrot or Jabra, whenever the hands-free connection with your Android Smartphone is terminated, the app automatically pins your car’s location. 

These three familiar situations show how Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder can make your life easier.

  • Theme park:  After a long freeway drive, your family is excited the moment you arrive at the theme park, for example Disneyland in Anaheim CA.  You pull into a parking spot and turn off the car engine.   Everyone jumps out of the car and gets ready to board the tram.  The theme park has signs with a Disney character or a number in…

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