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Phonebook 2.0

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Phonebook 2.0

Price: Free

Rating: 2.76/5 (380 votes)


Inspired by instant messaging, social networks and life streaming applications, PhoneBook 2.0 combines them into an easy to use, all-in one phonebook application. It secures contacts, notifies the end-user when they are online, displays reminders when a birthday is coming and helps centralize all communications.

PhoneBook 2.0 displays relevant contextual information to the end-user about their contacts such as location, presence, coming birthday, missed calls and status updates. The list of linked contacts can be displayed in horizontal mode.

Synchronization and backup

PhoneBook 2.0 synchronizes, backs up and restores contacts. This allows users for easily retrieving contacts when the handset is lost or stolen. Using the latest OMA DS 1.2 SyncML technology, it is compliant with most of the contact service provided by mobile operators. When connected to Voxmobili Network Address Book, synchronisation of user profile, location, call logs and messages is also supported. The open client/server architecture enables mobile operators to add new features and interconnection without requiring the download of a new version.

Mobile social networking

The service creates a mobile social network from the contacts. Once the contacts are stored on the service, the server can then connect the contacts together with their profiles and status. Unlike a classical phonebook, the end-user creates his own profile and updates his status.

Groups of contacts

Contacts are automatically grouped and presented in the Group section. The most used contacts, the least used contacts, the nearby contacts and the contacts which are online are listed. There is also a "Useful contacts" group which includes important numbers such as the Emergency and Voicemail number.

Event logs

Unlike the call logs application, the event logs module displays all the incoming and outgoing communications whatever the channel. This includes calls, text messages, email messages, status, photos and contact details updates.


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