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Personal Accounting Software

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Personal Accounting Software

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Personal Software

Personal Accounting Software is an accounting tool that is primarily developed to make provision for saving, updating and modifyingall your account details. Our chief aim was to make a user-friendly and simple solution like a portable diary, where you could note down all your timely day to day transactions, and we believe that we have succeeded in acheiving the same. The importance of maintaining an account of your daily dealings is recognized by all and if these accounts can be accessed easily that will add much more significance to it.Our Personal Accounting Software can be implemented on mobile phones and tablets running android 2.2 or higher. We assure you that the software is simple, easy to use and at the same time highly dependable.

MastersWe define Master Data Management(MDM) as the technology,tools and processes required to create and maintain consistent and accurate list of master data. Master data can be described by the way in which it is created , read, updated, deleted, searched or how it interacts with other data.

For example in masters under bank you can create a bank master with details of your existing bank account with which further transactions can be carried out. Similarly under AcHead all your direct, indirect expenses and direct, indirect income can be created with necessary details. You can also modify a Cash Account from here which symbolises the amount of cash in hand. Note that you cannot delete or rename this account. Under party ,your Sundry Creditor and Sundry Debitor accounts can be created and managed.Special Group allows you to enter and modify group names(Cost Center) for categorizing your transactions.

Cash BookAll your day to day transactions from the Cash Account(cash in hand) can be entered here. You can pick date and the type of…

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