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Mine The Web

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Mine The Web

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 3.05/5 (44 votes)


Get an overview of the news that you are interested in. The app filters pages of your choice for keywords of your choice. Finance and trading professionals use this technology to screen the web for opportunities.

Mine The Web on your terms. Monitor specific webpages (HTML source) for specific keywords, realtime. Get custom headlines directly to your device.

News about anything important to you. Shares, gold prices, company info, politics, world news etc. Normal search engines show obsolete news. This next generation search engine shows everything in realtime, from your favorite urls.

Usage:1) Add Keywords to your keyword list. For instance (suggestions):

ceoBank of AmericacrisisriseBest buyBreaking newsrosestocksharesearningsspikehighInsider tradinglowpotential

2) Add the URL of the webpages you want to be examined for keywords (write it or copy from browser). It can for instance be your favorite newssite, sport statistics or financial URLS.

(All URLs are examined for all of the keywords you set.)

3) Press "Update Results" to launch query

4) Await the results.

5) You can press on a result and a visit in a webrowser, to the page where the result has been found, will occur.

6) Keywords and pages are saved/stored to make fast queries easy. So you only need to add the website adress one time and it will be stored for future use.

Detailed info about the app is available in the app if you press "About" in the menu.

Try it. It is really useful.

Fast info from various sources gives you time to react. GREAT for fast stock market info about your shares (company info, macro economic indicators etc,). It can also be used for other purposes, that require the custom gathering of info from multiple sites. There are no…

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