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Memory Master

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Memory Master

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Rating: 3.07/5 (27 votes)


Test your memory skills with this classic educational memory game. Two different levels, easy for younger children and tough for those wanting more of a challenge.  Match pairs of images and see if you can beat the best score.

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  • 5 reasons to switch away from T-Mobile

    T-Mobile doesn’t work out for everyone.

    Having phone service that’s cheap and good is important.

    Finding the right phone carrier is a pretty big deal. We’re using our phones more than ever, and doing more with them — they’re not just for making calls anymore. And sometimes, finding the right carrier doesn’t happen on the first try. What’s important is that you know it and are ready to move on.

    A lot of folks are happy with T-Mobile, just like a lot of folks are happy with any of the other carriers here in the states. If you’re one of those happy people, that’s awesome. But if you’re not, and you’re thinking the grass might be greener with another company, here are five things to think about and see if it’s time to make a change.


    As of the end of 2016, T-Mobile claims to cover 313 million Americans or just 1 million shy of Verizon’s 314 million total. We’ve no reason to doubt it, and T-Mo has rolled out even more coverage since. But there are plenty of people who…

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    Call this a teaser or a weird rollout that hit one platform before another… or just typical Google behavior. Google Keep is showing users 4 new possible color options for notes, for a total of 12, but only on the desktop version. If you’re using Kee…

  • Pattern your home screen this Wallpaper Wednesday

    Patterns are everywhere else; why not have them on your home screen, too?

    Patterns and geometry help us make sense and order out of the seemingly random nonsense of the world around us. They help us find peace, and their symmetry can be as pleasing to the eye as it is to the mind. A patterned wallpaper can also work wonders on your home screen, helping you find and keep things in order so that you can get in, get out, and get back to conquering the world. Or just conquering that cake over there, whatever works.

    Spaceship Earth

    I can’t look at a golf ball without thinking of Epcot. And while our phones may be bringing the promise of the future to our homes, our pockets, and the rest of our lives, if you need a little more vintage futuristic-ness on your device, this wallpaper is here for you.


    Spaceship Earth

    Angular Infinity

    This dark, angular wallpaper adds order to your screen while also offering a slight air of mystery as the pattern replicates into the shadows…

  • Keep your lawn green without emptying your wallet with Rachio’s $146 smart sprinkler

    Late last year I moved into a brand new home that came with an irrigation system, and in the first month, I managed to run up a $300 water bill from using the sprinklers. I knew nothing about how to set it up, or when to have it water the lawn, and I was pretty frustrated with it. I quickly reduced the frequency of the system, but the lawn still wasn’t looking great, and I was quickly getting annoyed. Then, I found Rachio.

    My grass is now looking better than ever, and my wallet isn’t emptying every month, and yours can too! As part of its Gold Box deals of the day, Amazon is offering the 2nd-gen 8-zone Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller for $145.99. This is a savings of around $55 from its usual selling price of $200. We’ve seen a few deals in the past, but this is the best price so far.

    Works with Alexa. Control watering with the power of your voice. Use more than 100 different voice commands to run zones, set rain skips and more.
    Control from anywhere. Download the Rachio app …

  • YouTube Gaming introduces sponsorships as paid channels are shut down

    We’ve been hearing for a while that YouTube was planning to do away with paid content and now it’s finally taking effect. It’s no longer possible to create paid content, and from December paid channels will no longer be accessible at all. Individual purchased videos will still be available to the whoever bought them until 2022, however. Fortunately, for gamers at least, Google is introducing an expanded version of sponsorships for YouTube Gaming, which have been in testing for some time.

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    YouTube Gaming introduces sponsorships as paid channels are shut down was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Apple Music 2.2 adds user profiles and integrates better with Android: OK Google voice search, app shortcuts, one more widget

    Apple Music had a lot of promise when it launched, but the app didn’t stick well with the times, especially on Android. It seemed as if the developers behind it just didn’t want to bother with anything specific to the Android platform, preferring to s…

  • Amazon Great Indian Festival is back — find the best deals right here

    Amazon is back with another sale extravaganza.

    Amazon’s Great Indian Festival is back. The four-day sale extravaganza kicks off in earnest tomorrow, but Amazon is rolling out deals early for Prime members. Highlighted deals include a ₹2,000 discount on the Moto G5 Plus, bringing the cost of the phone down to just ₹12,999. The OnePlus 3T is also seeing an enticing ₹5,000 drop, with the device now on sale for just ₹24,999.

    Xiaomi is introducing a variant of the Mi Max 2 with 4GB of RAM and 32GB storage for ₹14,999, and the phone is now on sale for ₹12,999. Here’s a look at some of the deals currently live on the platform:


    OnePlus 3T – ₹24,999 – ₹5,000 off
    Xiaomi Mi Max 2 – ₹12,999 – ₹2,000 off
    Moto G5 Plus (4GB RAM, 32GB storage) – ₹12,999 – ₹2,000 off
    Lenovo K8 Note (4GB RAM, 64GB storage) – ₹12,999 – ₹1,000 off
    Samsung On7 Pro – ₹7,590 – ₹1,500 off
    Samsung On5 Pro – ₹6,…

  • How to link and unlink smart device services from the Google Home app

    Some things seem more complicated than they should be.

    The Google Home app does more than setting up the Google Home itself. You use it to set up Chromecast devices and smart “things” in your homes, like Hue lights or a Nest. Because you can use the app for so many different things, there is a good chance that eventually you’ll need to unlink one of them from your Google account. At the beginning of September, Google sent out an update for voice control on some of those smart devices which also requires you unlink them to update everything.

    More: These products and services work with Google Home

    Linking and unlinking a device service from Google Home isn’t difficult, but it’s certainly not the most intuitive process you’ll come across. We can make it a little easier.

    Linking a device

    Open the Google Home app, and tap the Menu in the top left corner of your screen.
    If you have more than one Google account on your phone, check to make sure you’re using the right one.
    Scroll halfwa…

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