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iwedplanner -wedding planning

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Rank: #38

iwedplanner -wedding planning

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 3.69/5 (13 votes)


iWedPlanner is a wedding planner which provides all the features necessary to plan and organize your wedding. The app periodically reminds about the forthcoming events to make the plan well organized. The app also provides information about the wedding rings, wedding dresses, wedding cakes, wedding flowers etc through various vendors. The entire wedding planning is just in your hands. Just plan your wedding with "iWedPlanner" and have a happy wedding.

The features included in iWedPlanner are mentioned below: 1. My Wedding To-Do List:a. The user will be able to View To Do List, Completed List, Incomplete List.b. The To Do List is divided into two types: Category Wise To Do List and Duration Wise To Do List. c. The user can also add personal tasks, delete personal tasks.d. The email alert feature helps to alert the user monthly alert, weekly alert and daily alert.

2. Resources: The bride or bridegroom will be able to find the vendor details for the categories mentioned below:a. Accessories b. Entertainmentc. Family d. Gift & Flowers e. Hotels f. Invitation stores g. Restaurants h. Wedding Jewelry i. Wedding Venue j. Wedding Dresses k. Wedding CakesThe bride or bridegroom can also add vendor details.3. My Wedding Day: The My Wedding Day shows the countdown of number of Days, number of Months, number of Hours And Number of Minutes left for the wedding day.4. Organizer: Features in the Organizer section:a. Add Quick Notes b. Add Appointments c. Add Contact Details d. Gift Tracker e. Integration with Facebookf. Integration with Twitterg. First Dance Songsh. FAQs5. My Reminder: The “My Reminder” feature helps to send reminders to the bride or bridegroom one day, three days or five days before. 6. RSVP :The bride or bridegroom can send RSVP to the guests for Engagement, Wedding and Reception events. Features included in RSVP:a. Guest Invite b. Invitation Sent List c. Guest Response d. Guests List: The Guests…

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