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iHound Phone and Family Tracker

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iHound Phone and Family Tracker

Price: $3.99

Rating: 3.20/5 (96 votes)


iHound uses the GPS and WiFi, 3G, or Edge signals built into your devices to determine its location. Using the app and iHound Software's unique tracking website, you can:

  • Track the location of your device: The iHound App wakes up every 10 minutes, reports your location to iHound, and goes back to sleep.
  • Remotely Lock Your Phone: In the event of a lost or stolen device iHound's Android App enables you to remotely lock down your Android.
  • Remotely Wipe Private Information: Send the phone an alert or erase important personal information such as: SMS messages, contacts, phone call logs, photos, videos and/or SD storage data.
  • Directly Instant Message Your Phone: With the App's Lost and Found Messenger screen, you can communicate instantly with whoever has your Android.
  • Set up Geofencing Location Alerts: Receive alerts and check in automatically with Facebook, Foursquare, and/or Twitter when you arrive, simple to use and completely opt in.
  • Manage your account using iHound's Mobile Web Site: Using our intuitive mobile web site optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android Users, you can track multiple devices on multiple platforms and set up geofences with ease while you are on the go.

Join our community of iHound Software users, begin to take control and secure your digital life today.

Supported Carriers / Android Operating Systems

iHound functionality has been verified on Android devices for the following countries, carriers, and operating systems:

US Carriers

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • Sprint

UK Carriers

  • 2

Android OS

  • 1.5+

We are working hard to add carriers from around the world to our approved carrier list above. It is actually quite likely that iHound will work on a variety of different carriers and countries. If you own an Android device on another carrier's…

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