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Apps of All Nations, the developers of the popular cooking application iCooking, has released its collection of cookbooks for the Android.

 Whether you like international or home-style meals, are a beginner or experienced cook, you are sure to find your favorite flavors within the iCooking collection of cookbook apps. iCooking offers cookbooks such as American traditions, Mexican Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, French Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Greek Cuisine, Spanish Cuisine, Soups, Vegetarian, Slow Cooker, Pies and Quiches, Desserts and Salads.

Each cookbook offers 50+ delicious recipes, carefully handpicked, tested and illustrated with a mouth-watering picture.

With iCooking there is no need to be at home to check cookbooks or hassle with the Internet to find an idea for your next meal. Available on your phone anywhere, iCooking makes all your favorite recipes available at your fingertips.

iCooking will help you prepare your meals each step of the way allowing you to enjoy a clutter-free kitchen. Personalize any iCooking cookbook by adding your own favorite recipes, uploading your own photos and sharing your creations with friends using the built-in email feature. Apps of All Nations founder Isabelle Duston created the line of iCooking apps with the idea of using technology to cross cultural borders. “The rich diversity of our planet is a real treasure, and is fully reflected in the variety of the world’s cuisines,” Duston comments. “The flavors, aromas, textures, and colors of these dishes can, by themselves, transport us to places both known and unknown.” iCooking Android is available in the Android Market store for $0.99.


Apps of All Nations has been making high-quality applications since November 2009. iCooking for the iPhone has been a top-selling cooking application England and Australia. For more information visit http://www.icookingapps.com.


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    Fossil has been making smartwatches with Android Wear for a while now, under the ‘Fossil Q’ brand. The third generation of Q watches have been available for a few months, and now you can get any of them for 30% off from Fossil’s website, and a few sec…

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    But according to Quartz, the company has gone a bit too far this time.

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