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Ghost Puzzle

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Ghost Puzzle

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Price: $2.99

Rating: 2.63/5 (16 votes)


Get ready to be challenged by Ghost Puzzle! Solve puzzles by matching colored blocks and catching ghosts. Lovers of puzzle games will find themselves right at home with a quirky story, easy-to-understand yet deep gameplay and a wide variety of puzzles.Gameplay========Colored blocks drop from the top. Clear blocks by matching 4 of the same color. Any adjacent ghost with the same color as the blocks are cleared too. Use smart placement of blocks to create chain reactions and catch difficult ghosts.Features========*100 challenging puzzles to solve in Story mode*Score Attack mode*Endless mode*5 Cutscenes*Great graphics with smooth animations*Online leaderboards with ScoreloopStory=====Death, the Ghost Reaper, is getting old and searches for a successor. As he hunts ghosts, he meets Angela, who agrees to take Death's test to become the next Ghost Reaper. And so begins Angela's adventure...

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    Plex is mainly a way to get your own media library organized and streaming to all your devices, but today Plex is announcing a new source of content called Plex News. As the name implies, it’s a feed of news and information from various sources that you access from your media library. There are over 190 sources at launch, and Plex says more are on the way.

    Plex News is basically a customizable news feed, which grew out of the company’s acquisition of Watchup.

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  • [Update: Out of beta] MyScript Nebo is a handwriting recognition and note-taking app for devices with active styluses

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    MyScript, the makers of the very popular MyScript Calculator, have just pushed out a new app called MyScript Nebo. It is a note taking application that seems to use the same handwriting recognition tech that MyScript Calculator does, but now you can apply it outside of mathematical equations.

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  • Android has become so ubiquitous even Bill Gates uses it

    Bill Gates, of perennial Microsoft fame, admitted in a recent interview with Fox News that he doesn’t actually use a Windows-powered phone anymore. In fact, he’s switched to Android. Or at least, an Android Phone “with a lot of Microsoft Software.” After all, Gates might not be the CEO of Microsoft anymore, but he still needs to push the brand. 

    His reference to Android begins around 40 seconds in on the video below.

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  • Emogi for Gboard brings thousands of animated stickers to Android

    Thousands of new animated stickers are now at your disposal with Emogi for Gboard.

    Virtual keyboards have come a long way since the days of mourning over the loss of their physical counterparts, and one of the best ones on the market is Google’s Gboard. There’s already no shortage of emojis or GIFs to choose from within Gboard by default, but a new addition from Emogi is now adding thousands of animated stickers for you to annoyingly send to your friends.

    Google added the ability to use stickers in Gboard at the beginning of this month, and while Emogi isn’t the first sticker pack to be added, it does seem like an easy contender for one of the better ones we’ve seen so far.

    The animated nature of Emogi’s stickers makes them considerably more interesting than static sticker packs, and although Emogi hasn’t said exactly how many are included, there are supposedly “thousands” to choose from.

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  • How to set up Samsung Pay on your Galaxy Note 8

    Samsung Pay is the most robust mobile payments solution available today.

    Samsung Pay is one of the easiest ways to pay with your phone at thousands of retail stores. The service supports both NFC (Near Field Communication) and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission), which means it’ll work with NFC-enabled payment systems as well as older card readers. MST effectively mimics a card swipe action, allowing you to use Samsung Pay anywhere.

    Setting up Samsung Pay is easy, and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time.

    How to install Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Note 8
    How to add your credit or debit cards to Samsung Pay

    How to install Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Note 8

    Open Samsung Pay from the app drawer.
    Tap Install to download and install Samsung Pay on your phone. The installation takes up 101MB.
    At the installation confirmation window, tap Install.

    How to add your credit or debit cards to Samsung Pay

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    Just 4 months after its initial release, Verizon has already killed its Wear24 smartwatch.

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    Verizon’s Wear24 made a debut in February as a new Android Wear option to take advantage of the carrier’s 4G LTE network, but after being released in May, the watch is already dead.

    It was discovered yesterday that the product page for the Wear24 had been replaced by its support page, and after Android Police reached out to Verizon for comment on this, a representative replied by simply saying “Yes wear24 has been discontinued.” No more, no less.

    Well, that didn’t last very long.

    When it was announced, the Wear24 offered an interesting propositio…

  • The best Daydream apps for watching movies

    There are many ways of watching movies on the daydream, here are our favorites.

    There are 3 main styles when you watch a movie in VR, Full 360 video, 3D video, and regular movie format. When watching regular movies you really need something surrounding the video or you are just floating in space with a screen in front of you. This can get really disconcerting so most apps try to create a space for you to enjoy.

    I haven’t mentioned video quality here as almost all the apps require an internet connection to stream and will dynamically alter the resolution as they go. However due to the nature of VR even low resolution videos look good as they are so close to your face.

    Here are some of the best apps to watch standard movies on.

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  • These are the 8 thinnest cases we could find for Galaxy S8

    What’s the thinnest Galaxy S8 case?

    You wanna protect your Galaxy S8 a bit, but cases make it look a li’l plump. Here are the thinnest cases we could find!

    1. Impossibly thin

    Impossible? Yeah! “Air Skin”? Like pudding skin? Sure, we’ll bite. You can find it for around $10.

    2. Awwww mSnap!

    Give your S8 a “Maxboost” (see what I did there?) with this thin’un. Only $10.

    3. Thinness out the Ying yang

    “Crystal” might be pushing it as far as clarity’s considered, but this one’s about as thin as they come and only $7.

    4. Straight from the horse’s mouth

    At 0.8mm thick, Samsung knows what’s up for thin cases for its phone. Check these out starting at $10.

    5. Yihailu: Go ahead, we’ll wait while you try to pronounce it too

    Yee… High loo? Meh. Thin case is *thin and $12.

    6. Because nudity rules!

    When it comes to phones. Put your pants back on, Steve. Check these out for around $30.

    7. Highway to the Geekzone

    That girl in the photo is crying tears of joy. Don’t worry; …

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