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Force Fields

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Force Fields

Price: Free

Rating: 3.00/5 (10 votes)


Force Fields is a simple but addictive physics simulation of a gravity system.There is no goal, just play around and see how the particles interact with each other and the force fields!

There is no goal, you can just play around and see how the particles interact with each other and the gravity fields! You can also control the particles movement using the accelerometer sensors.

Touching anywhere on the screen adds a force field (up to 5). You can drag it around and if you drop it in the bottom right corner it gets deleted, if you drop it in the bottom left corner the settings dialog will pop up, where you can set the strength of the field. On the top left corner you can find the time controls, where you can adjust the speed of the simulation giving you a better idea about what's happening.

ParticlesUp to 10 particles can be added, and they are attracted to the force fields – depending on their strength – and they are repulsed or attracted by each other. You can also set the strenght of attraction/repulsion between the particles and their color.


GravityYou can also enable gravity, which means that you can influence the movement of the particles with the accellerometer sensors of your Android device, and vibration, letting your device vibrate depending on how hard the particles hit the sides of the screen. Extra modesThere are 2 extra modes available:

  1. particles: touching anywhere on the screen will generate a stream of particles!
  2. rubber band: touching on the screen will enable a virtual rubber band from the tip of your finger to the particle.

TipsThere are so many settings in Force Fields! Where to start??  Here a few tips…

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