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Extreme LED Flashlight & Lamp

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Extreme LED Flashlight & Lamp

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Price: Free

Rating: 3.00/5 (2 votes)


Bright LED Flashlight with Color Lamp feature is available for Free to all usersWe have combined the very elegant super LED Flashlight with an additional bonus LAMP feature.We have combined 2 very important features you need to use for your phone. The ability to use a very bright Flash when you need it most, and the ability to use a LAMP feature, when you need to read a document, book or magazine in a location that does not have a light available.This is the all purpose Bright Light you will ever need.Typically something like this should cost money to use, but we want you to enjoy this awesome every day all purpose Flashlight tool application at no cost.Our Features come with:1.)Extremely Bright LED Flashlight illumination available2.)Choice of Lamp colors Feature, where you can choose between several colors when using this.3.)Extremely quick load time on your phone4.)We use only 400kb of phone storage data from your phone, which is very low and easy to maintain.In the SETTINGS MENU by pressing the HOME option on your phone--you can:5.)Auto-Shutoff feature--You have the choice to shut off the Flash feature automatically from 2-10 minutes, so not to waste any additional battery usage.6.)PLAY SOUNDS feature--You can select between using a realistic sound when turning off and on the flashlight feature, or leaving this option completely silentPlease enjoy this wonderful application when you need it most.Please note that we are constantly working on upgrading and adding to this flashlight application. For some devices if you have any problems turning the Flash OFF, then all you have to do is press the back button and it will automatically turn of the flash feature.

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