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Extensive Notes

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Extensive Notes

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Price: Free

Rating: 2.08/5 (12 votes)


* Note various questions and answers via media tools* Unit converter - Convert length, area, planetary age and weight, liquid volume, time, bandwidth, temperature, flow rate, fuel, power, energy, acceleration, pressure, circular* Ohms law calculator* Decibels of change calculator* Artist image lookup* BMI Calculator* Random password generator* Note attachments such as PDF, word, Powerpoint and so on using extensive notes notepad* Extensive notes notepad can also easily import notes via SD card & web URL* Note qr codes and barcode Notes* Extensive notes notepad can easily import CSV files as todo* Notepad can also import Contacts in the form of to-do tasks* Export notes as text* Note and lookup slang terms* Note and look various word questions and answers* With extensive notes notepad you can also easily export the entire note database to SD card which allows for easily going from free to pro version or as a simple means of backup.* Import/Restore notes database via SD* Extensive notes notepad also feature Text-to-Speech (TTS) which allows for notes to be read back to you.* With extensive notes notepad you can also prioritize notes according to you and the order of importance within your everyday life* Extensive notes notepad also allows for you to easily share notes socially such as through Facebook, twitter, or via e-mail, SMS, etc* Sort notes for easier filtering* Search notes for keywords or via hash tags* Extensive notes notepad also allows for Geotagging of notes to remember locations and also allows for looking up street address if available using the longitude and latitude.* Support for multiple audio notes * Support for multiple video notes* Support for multiple image notes* Various calculators such as sales tax calculator, discount calculator, temperature calculator, mortgage calculator, tip calculator and so on. * Support for paint notes* Attach multiple note files * Attach images…

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