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Emergency Panic Button

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Emergency Panic Button

Android Market link

Price: $1.49

Rating: 2.66/5 (753 votes)


Emergency is an App that must be pre-installed on all Android devices!Improve your own safety by installing this App on your device and letting everybody know you are in trouble.If you care for the safety of your family members, girl/boy friends or anyone you love, let them know about this App.Features at a glance:? You set up a list of contacts (phone numbers or emails) and every time you are in need of assistance or emergency (being attacked, robbed, lost or having health problems - god forbid!) you can issue an emergency call by a combination of presses on the power/sleep button (within 2 seconds to avoid false alarms!). Your current location (best one from GPS or Coarse is chosen) and predefined message will be sent to your predefined contacts as SMS and or Email.? Furthermore you can set up a trusted list numbers and everybody in that list (or everybody knowing the SMS command if you choose to do so) can send SMS commands to the Phone if they suspect that something wrong is happening to you, even if no emergency has been triggered.? They will either receive one time location updates or they can even start automatic locations predefined by the device holder in the App's settings? Password protection, both for the App itself or for the SMS commands. You can add a password so that only you can change the settings of the App? Auto enabling GPS. The App will try to auto enable the GPS chip even if disabled in Android settings to get the best current position (works on almost any Android device, but might not work on some!)? Stealth mode - you can choose to have a notification icon in a case of emergency or disable it and run the emergency in stealth mode,…

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