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Dialfaster (US)

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Dialfaster (US)

Price: Free

Rating: 3.03/5 (91 votes)


The dialfaster android app gives you the information you need to jump automated phone menu systems. We have over 500 US numbers Features of the app include: - Save numbers as a favourite. - Keep track of your calls with call log. - Regular database updates.

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    USB-C has been slowly taking over, and recently we’ve seen more and more electronics include it as the standard charging method. While USB-C has plenty of advantages, this change means that all of your old cables will no longer help you charge, and now you’ll need a bunch of new ones. Right now, Aukey is offering some pretty nice discounts on its 3 and 5-packs of USB-C cables, which helps make the transition a bit more affordable.

    You can grab a basic 3-pack for as little as $8.80, or opt for the braided ones which are perfect for those who are a bit harsher on their cables) for just $11.99. You’ll need to use a coupon code during checkout at Amazon to get these prices, so be sure to use the matching coupon code below for the listing you select.

    (3) 3.3ft USB 3.0 A to C Braided Nylon Cables – $11.99 with code HERD4ZTU
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