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Classic Notes

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Classic Notes

Android Market link

Price: Free

Rating: 2.42/5 (19 votes)


* Export notes as text to SD* Import / Export CSV as todo, checklist, shopping list* Share notes socially through the likes of facebook, twitter, and so on.* Export/Import entire database - Create backups on the fly* Google translate notes - Easily translate between languages* Using the export and share feature you can easily send notes to Google Docs, Dropbox, and more * Text to Speech audio playback of notes* Add notes to Google Calendar - Set reminders and events for specific notes* Add notes to status bar* Create Home Screen shortcuts of notes* New Note Homescreen shortcut* New Note Statusbar entry* Modify timestamp* Note Details: Easily display create date, modification date, word count, character count, line count* Image support - Attach images via camera or gallery* Video notes - Record video* Paint notes - fingerpaint / sketch notes* Private notes - Lock notes with a password to protect private data* Audio notes / voice notes - Record audio of lectures, meetings, or attach existing audio clips* File attachments e.g PDF, MS Word, Excel, MP3, PowerPoint, etc* Geotag + Address look up support (reverse geocoding) - Tag locations for specific notes* In note content search with hi lighting and search & replace options* Todo / checklist support* Prioritize notes, todos, and tasks based on urgency of low, medium, high* Todo, checklist, shopping list* Easily sort notes, todo, and tasks based on a number of common themes such as last modified, alphabetical, pending reminders, priority* Prioritized notes are easily recognizable based on color code* Attach to-do's / checklists to notes* Tagging support - easily add tags to notes or todos and filter your results* Reminders / Alarms - Set a reminder for a note to remmeber important events* Lookup and note various references such as:* Abbreviations* Dictionary* Word etymology* Example / Sample…

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