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ChickCounter Trailer2012

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Price: Free

Rating: 2.00/5 (2 votes)


Ready to beat Ben Affleck? (Trailer)Click, take a photo, share a beauty.

Where are the most beautiful girls on world?Get answer soon. January 2012.

This is only TRAILER for ChickCounter app. Full version will come in January 2012.

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  • LG Watch Style goes on sale in the Canadian Google Store

    Canadians can now buy the less expensive of LG’s and Google’s new Android Wear 2.0 showpieces.

    It’s not the larger of the two new Android Wear 2.0 watches from LG, but the Watch Style — thin, sans heart rate monitor and extra side buttons — is now available for $319 on the Canadian Google Store.

    It took its sweet time getting here but you can now pick up the LG Watch Style in silver or titanium for $319 CAD. The rose gold option is, unfortunately, an extra $40, bringing the total to a less-palatable $359.

    This is not a cheap watch, but it’s also the thinnest and lightest Android Wear smartwatch you can buy right now. And for Canadians tired of waiting for their aging timepieces, like the Moto 360 (2015), to get updated to Android Wear 2.0, this could be a great alternative. It’s also Mothers’ Day soon, just saying.

    See at Google Store

    Android Wear

    Everything you need to know about Android Wear 2.0
    LG Watch Sport review
    LG Watch Style review
    These watches wil…

  • Pre-orders for the unlocked LG G6 are live on B&H for $599.99

    The LG G6 is a big step up for LG after the mess that was the G5. It’s a good phone, and you can get if from your carrier right now. However, what if you don’t want the carrier version? Well, LG is launching an unlocked North American variant in a few weeks. B&H is accepting pre-orders now, and they’ve knocked $100 off the price.

    The unlocked LG G6 (model LGUS997) is essentially the same phone you can get from carriers, but it works on any GSM or CDMA network.

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    Pre-orders for the unlocked LG G6 are live on B&H for $599.99 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Google Wifi launches in Canada at $179 and $439

    Google’s Official Canada Blog has just announced that Google Wifi will be available in Canada as of today. Prices range from $179 for a single unit to $439 for a three-pack. It’s currently available for purchase from the Google Store, as well as Best …

  • How the Galaxy S8 is holding up after a week [Roundtable]

    See what the AC staff thinks after using the Galaxy S8 for a week.

    It’s been a week since the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were released. You’ve read the reviews, watched the videos and no doubt had some thoughts of your own by now. Chances are you came away from it all thinking that this is a pretty great phone.

    A week later, and everyone has time to settle down and take a breath or two after the madness that is a Samsung Galaxy launch. A week isn’t enough time to know every little thing about a phone, but it’s perfect for extended first impressions. Have a read and see what we think after using the Galaxy S8 for a week.

    Daniel Bader

    There’s nothing like being genuinely surprised by a phone. I thought I knew what it would be like to use the Galaxy S8 after spending some time with it in New York during the announcement, but actually having it in hand, in pocket and in use is a completely different story.

    First, I put a case on it. Yes, I know, hiding the beautiful design, except t…

  • Grab an unlocked LG G6 for just $599 right now!

    Get the LG G6 for a decent price unlocked, and save some sales tax while you’re at it!

    The LG G6 is easily the best phone the company’s ever made, and stands tall next to the Galaxy S8, which has overshadowed its North American launch over the past few weeks.

    But the G6 has a lot of things going for it, including a sensibly-placed fingerprint sensor (can’t believe we have to say that), and a dual camera setup that is way more fun than it initially appears.

    It’s also got a much lower price, too.

    B&H is selling the unlocked LG G6 for $100 off its MSRP, bringing it to $599, considerably lower than the Galaxy S8’s $750. It’s not shipping until mid-May, but it’s compatible with all four major U.S. networks, and should receive updates faster than the carrier models (though that’s not always a guarantee).

    See at BH

    Perhaps even better is the deal that bundles the same unlocked G6 and the LG Watch Style, which regularly goes for $249 on its own, for $649.99 together.

    Both deals do…

  • [Last day to enter] We are giving two lucky readers a Jabra Speak 710 ($300 value), a portable Bluetooth speaker for your conference calls and your jam sessions

    Have you ever tried to hold a conference call with your phone laying on the table? It’s generally unpleasant. Some people can’t be heard or sound far away, the sound quality is bad, and depending on the phone, it can be hard to hear the people on the …

  • What We Use, 2017 Edition: The stuff Corbin can’t live without

    You may recall Android Police’s long-running ‘What We Use‘ series, where the fantastic people that work here share the tech (and sometimes non-tech) products they use on a frequent basis.

    I haven’t actually written one of these posts yet – simply because I only joined AP last year. I’ve had a fascination with technology as long as I can remember, but my arsenal of toys is constantly changing. So without further ado, this is what I use.

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    What We Use, 2017 Edition: The stuff Corbin can’t live without was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Best Game Controllers for Android

    Best overall
    Best for portability
    Best value

    Best Overall

    SteelSeries Stratus XL

    See at Amazon

    If you want a no-compromises controller, something that feels just like the controller you use when you’re sitting in front of your television, SteelSeries has what you need. These controllers look and feel solid. No cheap buttons, wiggly joysticks, or any of the typical problems you find with cheap mobile gaming controllers. You’re getting what you pay for here, which means you’re paying a little more than you would for the average gamepad.

    Bottom line: If you want the best controller for your gaming, SteelSeries built the Stratus controller for you.

    One more thing: This version of the controller only comes in black. If you see a white version of this controller, it’s the iOS-only version and won’t work with your Android phone.

    Why the SteelSeries Stratus XL is the best

    It’s basically an Xbox Controller, which is exactly what you want if you’re gaming for extended periods.


  • Verizon has the country’s best wireless customer service

    Customer support is important to most companies.

    Things invariably go wrong with any product or service, and those people need support to get them back to the experience a company tries to put forward for everyone. When what goes wrong is the phone we keep our whole lives on, or the cellular connection that we use as a literal lifeline in our darkest moments, good customer service isn’t just desires, it is necessary.

    So, which carriers took the top spot in a new survey of carrier customer support by Tom’s Guide?

    Verizon came first this year, beating out last year’s winner AT&T as well as inching past T-Mobile. T-Mobile just edged out AT&T, knocking the Texas-based carrier down to third in this year’s rankings. AT&T added AI-based operators to its support call system, slowing response time and rankling its ratings.

    Check out the full results at Tom’s Guide, then tell us if it matches your experience when dealing with your carrier’s tech support.
    ;(function(){(new Ima…

  • How to use a HOTAS controller with any PlayStation VR game

    How do I use my HOTAS with PSVR?

    In order to experience an even deeper level of immersion while in PlayStation VR, you might want to look into a Hands On Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) controller. This controller gives you a ton of control over your aircraft or vehicle, as they have a familiar joystick for movement in one hand and an adjustable throttle in the other hand.

    You can grab a HOTAS controller designed specifically for PS4, but the number of compatible games in PlayStation VR is limited. If you’d like to use your PS4 HOTAS controller on all games, or if you’d like to use a PC HOTAS on PS4, you need something called CronusMax Plus which lets you map buttons and use any controller with PS4.

    Here’s everything you need to know about using a HOTAS controller with all of your favorite PSVR games.

    See the full guide at VR Heads!

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