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Bubbalon Mobile

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Bubbalon Mobile

Price: Free

Rating: 2.71/5 (59 votes)


Bubbalon is a new way to express and share your likes and dislikes

Bubbalon is a new way to express and share your likes, dislikes - and everything in between - about anything in your world.

Bubbalon is based on the concept of "Social Objects".

"WTF is a Social Object?!"

Anything you can experience, share and discuss with anyone else can become a Social Object on Bubbalon.

Using Bubbalon for Android, you can capture and share your opinions when they matter most - as you experience them - about anything.

- Was that tall latte at your favorite coffee shop awesome? Share it!

- Don?t like that the new building being constructed across the street? Share it!

- Not all that impressed with that new hybrid car you see in the parking lot? Snap a photo! Share it!

- Can't stand it when people double-park on city streets? Then, share it!

Rating something is as simple as using the Bubbalon 100-point scale and posting it. Full Facebook and Twitter integration means you can share your ratings with all your friends and followers.

You can rate existing objects or create your own.

Want to see what others think? The average World Score for each item is updated each time someone rates it.

You can find Social Objects in and around your location within the Bubbalon app or visit Bubbalon.com to find thousands more and see how the rest of the world feels about them.

Foursquare Integration

Do you like Foursquare? We do too! (Duh? Who doesn?t?)

With our Foursquare integration you can use your Bubbalon app to rate each and every place you go using the Bubbalon 100-point scale.

Simply connect your Bubbalon account…

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