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Brainwave Tuner Lite 3.3

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Brainwave Tuner Lite 3.3

Price: Free

Rating: 2.71/5 (42 votes)


Want to relax? Meditate? Learn faster? Focus attention? Increase your awareness? Try self-hypnosis? Just put on the earphones and let Brainwave Tuner turn you on.

* 2009/2010 HANDANGO Championship Award – Best Health/Fitness App *

Brainwave Tuner is a brain wave stimulation application that generates tones with binaural beats, which can change your brain frequency towards the desired state, be it relaxation or enhanced attention.

8 Preset Sound Patterns are included in Brainwave Tuner Lite:- Headache Therapy: Helps alleviating headaches with a mixture of steady low theta (5Hz) and mid-alpha (10Hz) waves. - Meditation: Concentrating on this tone helps quickly attaining a meditative state of mind. - Schumann Resonance: Helps meditating with a steady 7.83Hz alpha tone. This is also the resonance of the Earth’s magnetic field, making it a very natural meditative frequency. - Sleep Induction: Gently slows the brain frequency down to 3Hz delta wave, which usually occurs in a deep sleep thus to gradually induce one’s sleepiness. - Relaxation: Helps to relax with a basic sweep from a regular beta wave (15Hz) down to a low alpha wave (7Hz), in order to save you from certain intense strain. - Self-hypnosis: Helps getting into a self-hypnotic state. The user should listen to the repeating sound and concentrate on it. The key to a successful self-hypnosis lies in being able to concentrate on something. - Edge of Consciousness (New!): Discover the true meaning of life and consciousness with this track taking you to the very edge of the conscious mind. - Earth Peace Night (New!): This is an Earth Meditation track that helps relax and mediate.

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