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Blasted Thieves

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Blasted Thieves

Android Market link

Price: $1.99

Rating: 2.37/5 (71 votes)


Blasted Thieves will make you enjoy tower defense again!Tower Defense is a classic and loved genre and you have a lot of options, but here is why Blasted Thieves will be your favorite...The Thieves... You'll be fighting some real characters here, like the ninjas that hide occasionally and become invisible to the towers, or the worms that travel safely underground and can only be hit when they come up every now and then. Then there are the wizards and ghost pirates that don't steal your loot, but came along just to sabotage your strategy and distract your towers. All of the thieves have advantages and disadvantages against particular towers. Your success depends on knowing which towers will be needed to effectively fight which thieves, information contained in the provided almanac.The Towers... There are 10 towers to choose from including things like a flyswatter with short range but a very strong hit and splash damage to boot, or the volcano which can burn up everything nearby but takes a while to erupt. Along with the normal upgrades, the towers all have RTS-esque research capabilities to give you advantages you'll sorely need, such as salt research to take care of the ghost pirates or strategy research to give you control over which thief a tower should concentrate its firepower on.The Battlefields... There is refreshing variety among the 25 battlefields in the 6 realms of Blasted Thieves such as the pool table at The Winchester, across stretches of water in Magnanakaw River, around the rocky protections of Kamen Highlands and amid the stone fortress of Umkringdur Castle. There are also some variations in gameplay such as in Rieti where you must manually send the waves and defeat them in a certain amount of time, Sendirian Valley where you are only allowed one tower…

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